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Growth and Development

Today, my son will be alive for exactly 5 years. This time five years ago, I was sitting in a hospital with my wife crushing my fingers.  In about 7 hours we would have the most wonderful child ever.  He’d … Continue reading

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Complex Specified Information…

or (as the rest of us call it) probability. Simply put, complex specified information is information that is both complex and specified, such that it is highly improbable and specific. The complexity of the information associated with event A is … Continue reading

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Relative Sizes

One thing bugs me to no end.  The invention of new relative sizes.  It’s stupid and a waste of marketing effort. If you announce the size of your product, setting, whatever, then it is a fixed size.  If you say … Continue reading

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The End of the Year

Well, it’s getting close to the end of the year.  I thought I would put these thoughts down now, before I forget. First of all, thank you to the 25 people who are following Cassandra’s Tears.  The fact that even … Continue reading

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Pern and Berk – A Comparison of Dragons

Netflix has the “How to Train Your Dragon” Holiday Special (Can you say ‘Yak-nog’?) and while watching this,  I was struck by the similarity between the concepts of the dragons of Berk and the dragons of Anne McCaffery’s Pern. Now, … Continue reading

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Confluences of Threads, Posts, and Discussions and the Results Thereof

Once again, I am at a quandary over the title of the post. It is very interesting when a variety of information from a variety of sources all come together into one very interesting post.  Let’s start with the source … Continue reading

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US Senator Thinks that Rights Only Apply to Some

So you all know about the recent Defense Authorization Bill and how it allows the detention without charges or trial of even US citizens for an indefinite period of time right? Well, I took a moment and wrote my displeasure … Continue reading

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GOP Candidates

I don’t talk too much about politics, but I’ve been keeping up with this for a while and something very interesting is starting to occur at a local level. We’ve all seen the fortunes of the Republican candidates.  Someone new … Continue reading

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Science and Philosophy

This post may ramble a bit.  Be forewarned also, that the title may not accurately reflect the content. Science is a way, perhaps the only way, of finding out knowledge about the universe around us.  Scientism is a belief that … Continue reading

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I love my job, I really do.  I make a huge contribution to tens of thousands… soon to be millions of people.  There’s not many people that can say that. That being said, I wish we could have spaced out … Continue reading

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