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US House of Representatives Wastes our Time and Theirs

This is awesome.  Just to show you what the Republicans are focusing on instead of what they need to dealing with. Representative J. Randy Forbes of VA, introduced a bill in January.  There are 67 co-sponsors.  That’s not terrible. What … Continue reading

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Petition the White House… is a Failure

Some months back, President Obama began the ‘We the People‘ website.  The principle was quite simple.  People (anyone in the US) could create a petition and if if it got the requisite number of signatures in the required time, then … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging Begins

I’ve begun my two week stint as a guest blogger at Scientopia.  Please come by and check it out.  It will be all new material, no rehash and no cross posting.

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My Three Favorite Animals

This is a weird post, but go with me here.  I just recently discovered my third favorite animal and it is so unusual that I just have to share.  There’s no point in sharing just the third one either, so … Continue reading

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Deer Crossing

I just don’t know what to say (but I’ll probably bitch and moan for a few paragraphs). Biology fail – hint: deer can’t read (including symbolic language) If a person can’t figure out that deer can’t read and move to … Continue reading

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Disposable Society

This bugs the heck out of me.  I consider myself to be pro-environment.  I recycle everything I can.  I turn all the lights off whenever the sun is shining.  My AC is set at 80 during the day and 78 … Continue reading

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Political Systems

I read a book several years ago, Freehold by Michael Williamson.  I was struck by how utopian everything sounded.  When you get into the details of how the government system he describes works, then it’s really interesting.  I don’t think … Continue reading

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Perry Officials Deny Science and Don’t Mind Lying to You About It

Well, I guess now we know.  Rick Perry and his cronies are OK with destroying the Texas coastline. Recently a decade long report was produced (Chapter 5) John B Anderson.  Dr. Anderson, I believe, is a professor at Rice University … Continue reading

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The Right to Suicide

This has sort of come up in some recent discussions I’ve had.  But it’s an interesting philosophical question that I haven’t been able to completely answer or justify, so I’m throwing this out there for anyone to comment on. Should … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Life – Chapter 3

Selection in Prebiotic Chemistry: Why This… and not that? First Luisi presents us with some basic facts.  If you don’t agree with any of these, let me know. Life on Earth started 3.5 to 3.9 billion years ago.  Probably earlier, … Continue reading

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