GOP Candidates

I don’t talk too much about politics, but I’ve been keeping up with this for a while and something very interesting is starting to occur at a local level.

We’ve all seen the fortunes of the Republican candidates.  Someone new comes in and they become the savior of the party… for about a week, then they crash and burn.  Perry did it, until it became obvious that he’s an utter moron.  Bachman kind of did it, but she announced at the wrong time to get her 15 minute lead.  Cain did it, until the GOP realized that he was black.*

Then there was the anti-Romney, the man Newt.  Until everyone sat back a minute and said, “Wait, is this the same Newt Gingrich from the 80s and 90s?  Oh, nevermind then.”

Then there’s the stand-by guy.  Romney.  He probably has the best chance against Obama, but he doesn’t have a prayer of getting the Republican nomination.  (He’s Mormon.  Shhh… don’t tell anyone.)**  Let me rephrase.  He very well might win the nomination, but it will not be a majority.  And there is no way that he will be able to control the rest of the Republican Party (yeah, Tea Party clowns).  No chance.  And he’s the GOP’s best chance against Obama…

or is he.

Back to that something very interesting that is showing in the polls.  In two states (Iowa and New Hampshire) guess who moved into second place…

Ron freaking Paul.

Now, I don’t think that much of Ron Paul… of course, my thoughts on every politician I’ve ever heard of or dealt with is pretty much the same***.

But, follow me here.  He doesn’t have a lot of the stigma that many of the GOP candidates have.  Whether you like him or not, he’s not a complete idiot.  He has some crazy ideas, but there’s no way that the really crazy stuff would ever get implemented.  He would have the same problem that Romney has with Congress… but then, he wouldn’t really be beholden to anyone in congress either.

The thing is, if Iowa and New Hampshire do something really crazy, like give Ron Paul a shot, then the rest of the GOP might sit up and say, “Why the hell not?  How much worse could he be than the anti-Christ or Newt?”

Then we get to the general election and everyone who hates the current government (which, according to polls, is something like 75% of the entire country) says, “Why the hell not?  I mean, how much worse could it be****?”  It really could happen… I don’t think it will, but this has got to be the weirdest election in the history of the US.

Most people don’t like Obama… even the Dems are disappointed in him.  2012, the year anything could happen… and us sane people start hoping that the world really does end.

Anyway, I really wouldn’t be surprised at Ron Paul at least being a major contender in 2012.  I don’t think he’ll get it, but I don’t think Romney could either.  At the very least, I don’t think there’s a single GOP nominee that could claim more than 30% of the GOP.  But, with the crowd they have now, 30% may be enough to win the nomination.

No way, it will win them the presidency though.

And who knows, without having to worry about re-election, Obama might actually grow a pair and shut down this constant erosion of our freedoms and rights.


* Yes, this is a racist statement.  If you think that the majority of the GOP are not bigots, then you are not paying attention.

** Yes, this is a bigoted statement too.  If you think that the conservative majority of the GOP want a Mormon in office, the you don’t know what the GOP really is.  The two major religions of the GOP (Catholics and Baptists) think that Mormons are about 1/3 of a millimeter from being the anti-Christ.

*** Think of a toilet… in a truck stop… in West Bumfuck, IL… where the special for the last month has been the burrito platter… that hasn’t been cleaned in 6 weeks… and the plumbing died about 2 weeks into ‘burrito platter month’.  The coating on the inside of that pipe is pretty much how I feel about politicians.

**** Oh, it could be a HELL of  a lot worse, but the really crazy people won’t get in.  It’s the slow, gradual removal of freedoms that no one even notices until it’s too freaking late.  Yeah, occupy people, I’m talking to you.  You all could disappear to Cuba, if you get a GOP president right now.

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4 Responses to GOP Candidates

  1. Tomato Addict says:

    There is more fun on the way – a few days ago I responded to a robo-survey, and at least three of the questions were polling my interest in Jeb Bush as a candidate.

  2. OgreMkV says:

    I really don’t know how to respond to that. I don’t think mere words or actions can properly express the combination of horror, incredulity, and stunned hilarity that I feel after reading that.

  3. Paul is not hawkish enough on defense. Republicans want a candidate foaming at the mouth to go to war with Iran, not someone whose view on defense resembles that of isolationism.

  4. Dave Mullenix says:

    Tomato Addict, I had a robo call today pushing Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination. I smell a Rethuglican group making mischief.

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