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All, my new blog is up and running.  Here is the direct link:

Please stop by and say hi.

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2 Responses to My SkepticInk Blog

  1. Eugen says:

    Hi ogre this wouldn’t stay on your new blog. I hope you are not filtering me.

    Hi Smilodon (Ogre)

    You have some interesting articles here. I checked other blogs, too but I don’t like them. They seem more angry and theist bashing than you. Makes me want to call this place SEPTIC Ink but I will refrain. Why are atheists so angry with God, religion and us theists? I can never understand that.

    Anyway, article you posted is good but there are new and interesting discoveries.

    Universe’s parameters can vary and stars would still form but not every combination of parameters would provide life-supporting conditions. For example this article is about how finely adjusted are masses of quarks and how this influences duration of star life.

    Tritium as an anthropic probe

    Also, don’t forget Hoyle’s triple alpha process. In this case strength of the strong and Coulomb forces could vary by a small percentage of the ones set at the beginning, not orders of magnitude.

    Stellar Production Rates of Carbon and Its
    Abundance in the Universe

    I guess astronomers are not afraid to say their mind, unlike biologists.

  2. OgreMkV says:

    Not moderating you. Anything with 2 or more links is automatically held for review.

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