The End of the Year

Well, it’s getting close to the end of the year.  I thought I would put these thoughts down now, before I forget.

First of all, thank you to the 25 people who are following Cassandra’s Tears.  The fact that even one person volunteers to be notified by my ramblings is amazing, but 25?  Very cool.   So, thanks.

Second, this project (CT) is actually my fallback project.  My New Year’s resolution for 2011 was to write a book.  I have always wanted to.  I even took a lot of writing classes in college.  There’s just one problem, I don’t develop plot very well.  I enjoy reading good plots, but creating one that can last through some 250-350 pages of text, is extraordinarily difficult.

I was very good on my book writing.  I ran from 300-1200 words per night for about a month.  I think I ended up with a 20,000 beginning.  Then I decided that was completely the wrong direction and did the same thing in February.  Then I decided to go back to blogging.  It fits my interests, knowledge and writing style much better.

I don’t like editing.   I have copy editors at work to help with all those annoying details.  My other problem is that I could see the action and events in my head, but it what appeared in my head in 5-10 seconds would take 20-30 minutes to type up.  It was very frustrating.

On the other hand, the blogging has been going quite well.  This will be my 268th post, that’s almost one per day for 10 months of the year.  I have had just under 63,000 page views in that time and I know that those 25 followers did not read every post 3,000 times.  Sure, that’s not much for a blog.  I know there are bloggers that are disappointed if they don’t do that every day.  But for a minor, one person blog that isn’t in a cluster, then I think it’s pretty good.

Surprisingly, my most popular posts (by far) are my chapter summaries of Your Inner Fish.  These posts average about 20% of my entire traffic.  Thanks to Neil Shubin for giving me his blessing on the project.

My other book review isn’t going so well.  It’s very difficult to summarize because if you don’t know they chemistry involved, then it won’t help and explaining the chemistry is what the book is about.  It’s hard to summarize something that is massively summarized already.

I plan on continuing this project for the foreseeable future.  I have less time than I did earlier in the year, but I’ll try to keep doing about 1 post every day or at least every other day.  Those of you following for a while know that I tend to post in spurts.  You could probably plot the post frequency and my free time and find a high degree of correlation.

Considering that I will be traveling on January 4th, doesn’t bode well for my free time in 2012.  On the other hand, I have a big goal for 2012.  I’m aiming for a promotion.  If I can get it, then it might happen in 2013.  I can live with that, but that’s my goal.

I have one other goal/dream and that’s to be picked up by a blogging group.  I don’t really have the clarity of focus needed to get a large following on my own.  This flightiness has always been an issue for me.  It’s why I don’t have a graduate degree.  I never could pick ONE THING to focus on.  If I focus on that one thing for 4 years, then I would lose the majority of everything else.

At last count, I had something like 200 college hours.  If I had picked a program, then I’d have a Ph.D.  But my work is all over the place.  Business, geology, biology, writing, environmental science, etc.  Don’t forget my interest in technology and games.  So, I’m a generalist… sue me.  It’s stood me in good stead both in my teaching and my current career.

Well, I’m just babbling now.  There will be more posts this year, but I just wanted to say thanks and tell you what we have accomplished this year.

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