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The US Public Education System

I’d like to share a thought that I heard about at the Council of Chief State School Officers conference I went to this last week (also known as the trip from hell).  What’s interesting is that this quote is not … Continue reading

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The Burzynski Clinic – Scientists or Con-men

I honestly don’t know.  I do know this and this is why I wanted to share. What does a scientist do when confronted with questions about his or her work?  Here’s a hint: It’s not to threaten legal action. This … Continue reading

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Rain Prefers Atheism

Rick Perry prays for rain back in April.  Jack all happens for months. An atheist convention opens in Houston, TX. That VERY SAME WEEKEND, Texas gets more rain than the previous 12 months combined. My brand new irony meter just … Continue reading

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How to Raise an Intelligent Child in Texas

The Scientific American Blog Network has a blog called Budding Scientist.  It’s about how to raise children to science literate. This is not a useless blog.  It’s vitally important, especially considering that some 40% of the US population actively rejects … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Rick Perry

Governor, Texas has languished under your governorship for a long time.  In the past 11 years that you have been governor, Texas has become the laughing-stock of the nation.  We have the worst teen pregnancy rate in the US (compelling … Continue reading

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3 years later and they finally figure out that 3 billion in hurricane Ike relief hasn’t been spent yet.

From Texas Watchdog. Gov. Rick Perry has accepted the resignation of the head of the state’s housing agency, which has failed to handle billions of federal dollars to rebuild homes in the wake of Hurricane Ike and oversees a federal … Continue reading

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Southwest Water Company – Updated (already)

I’ve had some recent issues with this company.  I have to use a local water company that is a subdivision of Southwest Water Company. On Friday, August 5th, I got paid and went to my bank’s bill payer service and … Continue reading

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This post will sound petty and petulant, but it’s the way I feel right now. I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about the famine in Africa and the horrors of this country and the terrible things that happened in … Continue reading

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Why is the Texas Intelligent Design Bill (HB 2454) Illegal?

Intelligent Design was determined by the United States District Court to be creationism, which is a religious activity rather than a secular one. Since, based on the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, the government (including federal, state, and local) … Continue reading

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Another Victory for Texas Science and Education

Thomas Ratliff is the newest member of the Texas State Board of Education and he was under attack Don McLeroy who lost his seat on the board to Ratliff. McLeroy claims that as a lobbyist Ratliff has a conflict of … Continue reading

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