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Science and How it Affects Us Everyday

This is often one of the hardest things to get across to students… and many other people.  The simple fact that science is used in our daily lives to such an extent that we would, literally, be sitting in caves … Continue reading

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Poor Science Reporting

OK, that’s it.  I’m dropping this site, permanently.  This is the worst science ‘reporting’ I’ve ever seen. 1) The girl “patented” not “invented”, not “built”… but patented something.  Go look in the patent files for how many perpetual motion machines … Continue reading

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Pern and Berk – A Comparison of Dragons

Netflix has the “How to Train Your Dragon” Holiday Special (Can you say ‘Yak-nog’?) and while watching this,  I was struck by the similarity between the concepts of the dragons of Berk and the dragons of Anne McCaffery’s Pern. Now, … Continue reading

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How Not to Fry a Turkey

or… My in-laws did what? [Reprint from a previous blog.  This happened about 5-6 years ago, but it’s Thanksgiving and a new blog.  Enjoy.] I love my wife dearly.  She is a paragon of dedication, powerhouse management, and ethics.  She … Continue reading

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