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The Candidates Did Respond… and it’s underwhelming

Both the Romney campaign and the Obama campaign have answered sciencedebate.org’s 14 questions. Just a cursory glance and it appears that they both punted on a lot of the questions.  Especially the education one.  We have a lot of unemployed … Continue reading

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Politicians Refuse to Tell Us Their Thoughts…

Sciencedebate.org is trying to get someone… anyone in the US congress to answer some questions.  But they are refusing. Sigh… so much for transparency in government. The sad part is the senators and reps on this list are the chairs … Continue reading

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Building on Previous Work

This came up in a recent conversation.  Someone asked why I couldn’t give them a recent peer-reviewed paper that supported the idea of mutation as a driver for evolution.  My basic reply is because it’s so basic, everyone knows that … Continue reading

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Whereupon I reply to a commenter

I know I haven’t been posting much.  I’ve been working quite a bit lately and most of my work involves writing.  I’ve been writing the equivalent of 4 or 5 blog posts a day for work and just don’t feel … Continue reading

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RNA Building

So, my copy of Wired arrived Friday.  I finally had a chance to sit down and read it this morning while the boy watched cartoons.  One article was pretty cool.  It described a ‘game’ in which the players tried to … Continue reading

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How can we know what happened in the past

I am fascinated by some of the search terms that are used to get people clicking on my blog here.  This one really caught my eye.  As I thought about it, I realized that this is critically important.  So here’s … Continue reading

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“A Universe From Nothing” an Introduction

As I stated yesterday, I’ll be doing a review of Lawrence Krauss‘ new book A Universe From Nothing. Basically, this book was a lecture by Krauss before it was a book.  That lecture has gotten over 1.4 million hits on … Continue reading

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Can We Do Intelligent Design Better than the Intelligent Designers?

There’s an interesting question.  It’s worth exploring. The actual research in intelligent design is essentially zero.  The peer-reviewed research is zero. Sure there are lots of books. But what are the doing? Nothing. Can a small group of scientists actually … Continue reading

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Using Science to Figure Out Facebook Tips and Tricks

Today a friend of mine on facebook posted this. Hello friends, as you all know I like to keep my FB private except to those I am friends with. So if you all would do the following, I’d appreciate it. … Continue reading

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Complex Specified Information…

or (as the rest of us call it) probability. Simply put, complex specified information is information that is both complex and specified, such that it is highly improbable and specific. The complexity of the information associated with event A is … Continue reading

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