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The Whitehouse’s Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future

Today, the Whitehouse released President Obama’s plan for securing the future energy requirements of the US. All in all, it’s a good document.  I know why some of the material about efficient natural gas and clean coal are in there … Continue reading

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Speciation: What is it and How does it Happen?

So how do new species develop? First, we have to remember that ‘species’ is a poorly defined concept and there is no line that automatically denotes one species from another.  So, there’s a lot of issues with the concept of … Continue reading

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What is Macroevolution?

Macroevolution is microevolution over a long period of time. OK, I guess you wanted a bit more than that.  First of all, let’s see what some others say is macroevolution. Macroevolution is evolution on a grand scale—what we see when … Continue reading

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General Commentary 2: batteries, cable, and government. Oh my.

Well, it’s time for another edition of interesting things that don’t really deserve their own post. In this episode, we talk about batteries, big telecoms that own congress people, and the US State Department, for a freebie we’ll mention Amazon’s … Continue reading

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Have Churches Failed the Public?

We constantly hear about priests, pastors, and youth ministers abusing children.  We constantly hear from fundamentalist churches how tsunamis, earthquakes, and blizzards are God’s retribution for some imagined evil.  We see pastors and ministers preach one thing from the pulpit … Continue reading

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On Natural Selection

Some people seem to be having problems with natural selection and how it can lead to the huge diversity of life on Earth.  I thought I would explain this as I did to my students.  This is a basic primer … Continue reading

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Why “Stupid Idiot” is not Redundant

Twelve hours ago, before I went to sleep and for most of time prior to that, I thought the phrase “Stupid idiot” was redundant.  I thought it was an expression of exaggeration for emphasis. But this morning, on my drive … Continue reading

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First Efficient Artificial Leaf

Science Daily reports that researchers at MIT have developed an artificial leaf. This is pretty cool.  Apparently, the photosynthesis in the A-leaf is 10 times better than in a real leaf.  It’s a very small, simple device as well.  Made of common … Continue reading

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Gas Mileage: It’s not what you drive, it’s how you drive.

Gas mileage is very important for today’s cars.  What with gas approaching $4.00 a gallon, it’s becoming a serious issue for all but the wealthy. I hope that everyone understands that the EPA mileage rating you see on a car’s … Continue reading

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How NOT to Convince People that ID is Meaningful

UPDATE: Well, that thread is up to 400+ posts now.  And the original poster has decided that’s enough.  She made 4 salient points, which I will quote here. 1) There is no agreed definition of CSI. I have asked from … Continue reading

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