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Data Usage

Well, unless you live under a rock (or have a decent internet provider), you are aware that AT&T has decided to ‘cap’ internet usage to 150 Gigabytes for DSL users and 250 or so for U-verse.  You go over that … Continue reading

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Fundamental Science – Why?

I ran into a guy on the internet who, after looking at a map of the known universe with galaxies showing their relative motion, exclaimed What a great waste of money.  Although they call it a map, it’s not like … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – Chapter 3

Handy Genes The story of our relationship to fossil animals is not just based on anatomy.  It can also be seen in our genes.  Those sequences of DNA that make us who we are.  Indeed makes every living thing what … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – Chapter 2

Getting a Grip Shubin opens this chapter with an anecdote about the first (and only) time he taught gross anatomy.  It is odd for a paleontologist to teach medical school level courses, but it happened.  Shubin relates how he was … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – Chapter 1

Finding Your Inner Fish This chapter touches on how common descent and the fossil record are intertwined.  It spends the majority of the time discussing the actual discovery of Tiktaalik. Shubin asks this question early in the chapter How can … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – A Chapter-by-Chapter Review

Neil Shubin should be a household name.  The fact that he isn’t is just another example of the pitiful science education (both formal and continuing) in the US.  Dr. Shubin found an organism that, for all intents and purposes, is the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Zombie Apocalpyse Plan

Since the CDC is getting into it, I figured I’ll spill the beans on my plan just in case.  I don’t mind telling everyone this because… well… it’s an apocalypse.  Most likely less than 10% of the human race will … Continue reading

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Alternative Fuels Don’t Help with Global Warming

A lot of people are buying alternative fueled vehicles and so are cities, counties, major businesses etc. On the one side, this is a good thing because it reduces pollution.  Most of these vehicles are powered by propane (C3H8).  There’s … Continue reading

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Boy I called that one didn’t I?

Verizon is killing unlimited data plans this summer. Here’s why this is stupid.  Verizon is going to put a data cap on the amount of downloading (and uploading?) one can do each month.  They also are spending big bucks deploying … Continue reading

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AT&T / T-Mobile Merger: Why I Think It’s Bad

Here’s the start of the ATT&T / T-Mobile merger hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee Here’s a (slightly biased, but accurate) summary of some of the points brought out today. Here’s the webpage you can go tell the FCC what … Continue reading

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