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Poor Science Reporting

OK, that’s it.  I’m dropping this site, permanently.  This is the worst science ‘reporting’ I’ve ever seen. 1) The girl “patented” not “invented”, not “built”… but patented something.  Go look in the patent files for how many perpetual motion machines … Continue reading

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Complex Specified Information…

or (as the rest of us call it) probability. Simply put, complex specified information is information that is both complex and specified, such that it is highly improbable and specific. The complexity of the information associated with event A is … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Christmas Tree

Words just cannot express the sheer awesome that this is…

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Who Speaks for the Christians?

Read this first… all the way to the end. Now, do those of you who are Christians agree with the sentiments in the article? Actually it doesn’t matter, your opinions don’t matter.  Why?  Because you aren’t being heard. Look at … Continue reading

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The Burzynski Clinic – Scientists or Con-men

I honestly don’t know.  I do know this and this is why I wanted to share. What does a scientist do when confronted with questions about his or her work?  Here’s a hint: It’s not to threaten legal action. This … Continue reading

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Nothing and Something

I got nothing. I wrote a 1300 word rant and then realized it was about work.  I’m just not going there on my blog.  It’s no secret what I do, but it’s best to keep such things separate from my … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design is Anti-Evolution (Support Rebuttal)

Joe, if you were banned from my blog, then how come we’re having this debate?  And how come you can still post here? I have no quibble with the definitions of evolution that Joe presented.  They are all reasonable. Joe, … Continue reading

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Is Modern Science Rational?

A former student of mine came upon a post entitled: Is Modern Science Rational.  He posted that he had read it and liked it.  I replied, after reading it, that the author was full of bullshit, had no idea what … Continue reading

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On the Tactics of the True Believer

You can see several comments on this blog by one True Believer.  You can go to any blog or forum that discusses almost anything and you will run into a True Believer.  I’ve seen them in everything from climate change, … Continue reading

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Why “Stupid Idiot” is not Redundant

Twelve hours ago, before I went to sleep and for most of time prior to that, I thought the phrase “Stupid idiot” was redundant.  I thought it was an expression of exaggeration for emphasis. But this morning, on my drive … Continue reading

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