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Hurricane Irene – Not a Disaster

I feel bad for the people of the Carolinas (who are more used to hurricanes than those of New York), but I have a hard time showing a lot of sympathy.  This post may be somewhat controversial. You see, it’s … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – Chapter 11

The Meaning of it All If there is one fundamental principle in biology it is this: every living thing on the planet had parents. Even more fundamentally, and this is obvious to anyone who observes humanity for more than a … Continue reading

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Slooh Amateur Astronomy May have Discovered a Supernova in Progress

Slooh techs have reported what may be a brand new supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy M101). Slooh is a service where amateur astronomers can purchase time on telescopes and direct the telescopes to whatever they want to look at. This … Continue reading

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Adventures in Model Rocketry

Long before the major construction along highway 69 south of 365, all of that area was fields.  Large fields, with no trees.  Ideal for launching model rockets. I had received a model rocket kit from my mom’s boyfriend and enjoyed … Continue reading

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Units of Measure for Stupidity

The measurement of stupidity now has a unit.  This link is the first I heard of it, but I like it and will use it henceforth. The unit is the Palin.  It is the contention of many learned commentators that … Continue reading

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Worst Planning EVER by an X-Box 360 Game Company

I love my X-box 360 Kinect.   It’s a great system.  It looks great on my HD TV.  My 4-year-old can play the Kinect games pretty easily.  I’ve had mine since Christmas of last year. Now, the single coolest thing that … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – Chapters 9-10

These are short chapters and not quite as intense as some of the others, so I’ll combine them into one post.  Plus, these two chapters are intimately related as I will describe, in some detail.   After this will be … Continue reading

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3 years later and they finally figure out that 3 billion in hurricane Ike relief hasn’t been spent yet.

From Texas Watchdog. Gov. Rick Perry has accepted the resignation of the head of the state’s housing agency, which has failed to handle billions of federal dollars to rebuild homes in the wake of Hurricane Ike and oversees a federal … Continue reading

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I Would be a Better Governor and President than Rick Perry

The Huffington Post has apparently gotten a hold of Rick Perry’s transcript.  I make no claims as to the accuracy of this.  If it was released without Perry’s permission, then a federal law has been broken. And honestly, transcripts don’t … Continue reading

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Southwest Water Company – Updated (already)

I’ve had some recent issues with this company.  I have to use a local water company that is a subdivision of Southwest Water Company. On Friday, August 5th, I got paid and went to my bank’s bill payer service and … Continue reading

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