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My Web Comics

When the whole web-comic appeared, I didn’t think too much of it.  But then I found a really good one.  Then I found another and another.  I thought I would share my favorites.  It’s a good way to kill a … Continue reading

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That “Oh Crap” Moment

The recent Mythbusters clip show “Location, Location, Location” has inspired me. Writing, for me, requires inspiration and there’s a lot of things that just don’t do it for me.  This though… At about 1:15, Tori comes up with a classic … Continue reading

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DEFCON for the Parent

This is another rehash from my old blog.  My child is no longer in diapers, but this still a useful article.   Everyone in the US should have a working knowledge of the concept of DEFCON.  The DEFense CONdition used … Continue reading

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How Not to Fry a Turkey

or… My in-laws did what? [Reprint from a previous blog.  This happened about 5-6 years ago, but it’s Thanksgiving and a new blog.  Enjoy.] I love my wife dearly.  She is a paragon of dedication, powerhouse management, and ethics.  She … Continue reading

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The Most Difficult Thing to Shop For

Some say a house is the hardest thing to purchase.  I’ll agree that it’s the most expensive and it’s certainly fraught with peril for the unwary and there’s  a LOT of paperwork and signatures involved.  But, shopping for a house … Continue reading

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Adventures in Model Rocketry

Long before the major construction along highway 69 south of 365, all of that area was fields.  Large fields, with no trees.  Ideal for launching model rockets. I had received a model rocket kit from my mom’s boyfriend and enjoyed … Continue reading

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Spotted Snakes

During the various wars of the British Empire, a general was assigned to a new unit in India.  When he arrived at his new command, he was horrified.  The camp was in horrible condition and then men were even worse.  … Continue reading

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Following Instructions

Why can’t people, what might otherwise be considered intelligent adults (or almost adults), follow instructions? Don’t get me wrong, everyone, has misread or accidentally skipped a step or thought they knew what they were doing.  Anyone who said that this … Continue reading

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The Day The Snake Died

So, I go to work and before I really get started, I get a text message from the missus. Yech, something died in the garage.  I can’t work in here.  The funk is bad. Well, not much I can do … Continue reading

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On the Tactics of the True Believer

You can see several comments on this blog by one True Believer.  You can go to any blog or forum that discusses almost anything and you will run into a True Believer.  I’ve seen them in everything from climate change, … Continue reading

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