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The Candidates Did Respond… and it’s underwhelming

Both the Romney campaign and the Obama campaign have answered’s 14 questions. Just a cursory glance and it appears that they both punted on a lot of the questions.  Especially the education one.  We have a lot of unemployed … Continue reading

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Science and How it Affects Us Everyday

This is often one of the hardest things to get across to students… and many other people.  The simple fact that science is used in our daily lives to such an extent that we would, literally, be sitting in caves … Continue reading

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The US Public Education System

I’d like to share a thought that I heard about at the Council of Chief State School Officers conference I went to this last week (also known as the trip from hell).  What’s interesting is that this quote is not … Continue reading

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A Universe from Nothing – Chapter 1

A Cosmic Mystery Story: Beginnings This is an excellent chapter as it really emphasizes the difference between reality and our perceptions.  A long time ago, a man was imprisoned for life because he claimed something that wasn’t obvious.  Now, that … Continue reading

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Can Apple Change Public Education?

Engadget reports that Apple is busy creating a model for textbook purchases that is just like its music model. That may be a good plan, but they are aiming this at high schools.  Having done my time in the trenches … Continue reading

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Using Science to Figure Out Facebook Tips and Tricks

Today a friend of mine on facebook posted this. Hello friends, as you all know I like to keep my FB private except to those I am friends with. So if you all would do the following, I’d appreciate it. … Continue reading

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When an Adult Takes a Test… and Fails

I am continually amazed by how otherwise intelligent people can act so stupidly when they are arguing about something they like or don’t like. Standardized testing is almost universally loathed by students, parents, teachers, and principals.  Of course, the simple … Continue reading

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Why We are Doomed

I haven’t had this frustrating an experience in a while. It is really amazing that two people, both at least moderately intelligent, capable of research and critical thinking, when presented with literally tons of evidence can still, using logic, for … Continue reading

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How to Raise an Intelligent Child in Texas

The Scientific American Blog Network has a blog called Budding Scientist.  It’s about how to raise children to science literate. This is not a useless blog.  It’s vitally important, especially considering that some 40% of the US population actively rejects … Continue reading

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One thing that many, many people don’t understand is that parenting is the single hardest and most rewarding job there is.  Even fewer realize that good parenting is one of the most important reasons that humans have done all the … Continue reading

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