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What I Want in a Game

I do a lot of gaming… not as much now as in the past.  Wargames are my first love.  I’d move thousands of 1/4″ square cardboard chits around 3’x3′ maps for hours with my dad… until I started winning.  Then … Continue reading

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The Burzynski Clinic – Scientists or Con-men

I honestly don’t know.  I do know this and this is why I wanted to share. What does a scientist do when confronted with questions about his or her work?  Here’s a hint: It’s not to threaten legal action. This … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design of an Experiment

Many… many times I have presented a paper that effectively crushes the claims of creationists and Intelligent Design proponents.  However, they always have this (IMHO very telling) reply. But the experiment was designed, therefore the experiment supports Intelligent Design. This … Continue reading

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What Can Be Done?

It makes me very upset to continually hear about how the 99% can barely pay for a turkey this year for Thanksgiving, yet Saks is having record-breaking sales (there are more $1000 shoes in inventory than $200 shoes). This should … Continue reading

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The Fallacies of Evolution

I was given this list of fallacies that were claimed to be used by science to defend evolution.  It was supposed by the person that gave these to me that they would be unanswerable assaults on the premises of science.  … Continue reading

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How Not to Fry a Turkey

or… My in-laws did what? [Reprint from a previous blog.  This happened about 5-6 years ago, but it’s Thanksgiving and a new blog.  Enjoy.] I love my wife dearly.  She is a paragon of dedication, powerhouse management, and ethics.  She … Continue reading

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A Totally New Way to Get Solar Power

Everyone knows that solar power is great.  No fuel, easy to install, scalable, etc. The problem is that it is not very efficient.  The absolute best production photovoltaic panel is less than 20% efficient.  That means that only about 20% … Continue reading

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Front Loading Doesn’t Help ID

Forgive the lack of posting, I’ve been having a rough time of late.  However, I am once more inspired, so here we go. A few friends and myself are both discussing things with a creationist and helping another person with … Continue reading

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Original Content

I recently got a question about posting.  I.e. why I don’t post more. Well, first of all, I do have a life and juggling work, child, blog, entertainment, etc is difficult.  There are enough hours in the day, but I … Continue reading

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Guy Ray Christ

My grandfather was one the most important people in my life, especially growing up with only my mom after dad left us.  He was a stunningly impressive person. He was a certified master carpenter.  He’d built at least 5 houses … Continue reading

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