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Sore Throat Treatments – How Effective are Other Things

Disclaimer, this is a layman’s review of a published review paper.  Use the treatments given here only under the advice of a doctor.  If you have a severe sore throat, or have one for longer than a few days, you … Continue reading

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I Get E-mail – with Hate

I’m going to steal this idea (the “I Get E-mail” title for some posts) from PZ Myers and hope he can forgive me (or maybe link back to my blog).  On the other hand, the e-mail in question wasn’t in … Continue reading

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Super Micro Embedded Computers

Researchers at the University of Michigan may be bringing us the future today.  The paper, “A Cubic Millimeter Energy-Autonomous Wireless Intraocular Pressure Monitor” describes a device for monitoring the pressure in the eyeball for glaucoma patients.  This device is just … Continue reading

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Will There be Public School in Fall 2011?

Budgets are tight, so why is it always schools that suffer?  Don’t politicians realize that you get out what you put in? I want to talk about 3 things here.  One is very positive.  Two are very negative.

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Question of the Week: What if Intelligent Design was Correct?

This may be the first in a series, it may not.  But a recent conversation got me to thinking about this question: “What if Intelligent Design was Correct?”

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Complexity Without Intelligence

Intelligent Design proponents suggest that complexity cannot exist without intelligence.  In fact, their entire premise is that an intelligent agent can be inferred because of the complexity found in the natural word.  Normally, this claim is applied directly to the … Continue reading

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Advances in Solar Power

This came up at Class-M, in relation to Moore’s Law.  Moore, a co-counder of Intel, discovered a trend in the increase in speed of computer processors.  Basically, the number of transistors in a chip doubles every two years.  This trend is … Continue reading

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Organism Classification: What and Why

I enjoy reading the search terms that people use to end up on my blog.  Occasionally they interest me enough to write a post about them.  This is the result of one such event.  The search phrase was “Why is … Continue reading

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Evolution – updated

Those of you who know me may find this title somewhat surprising.  The reason it is the title is because this phrase is finding its way into legislation in many US states.  Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, just … Continue reading

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Teachers and America

It’s very simple, if you are against teachers, then you are against America. You can’t have technology without teachers.  You can’t have politicians without teachers.  You can’t have doctors without teachers.  You can’t have plumbers without teachers. You can’t have … Continue reading

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