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A Universe from Nothing – Chapter 1

A Cosmic Mystery Story: Beginnings This is an excellent chapter as it really emphasizes the difference between reality and our perceptions.  A long time ago, a man was imprisoned for life because he claimed something that wasn’t obvious.  Now, that … Continue reading

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“A Universe From Nothing” an Introduction

As I stated yesterday, I’ll be doing a review of Lawrence Krauss‘ new book A Universe From Nothing. Basically, this book was a lecture by Krauss before it was a book.  That lecture has gotten over 1.4 million hits on … Continue reading

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Humans (sort of) Are About to Become Interstellar

The fastest device ever made by humans (edit, well not really, the Helios solar probes were faster, thanks for the correction K3r3n) and the one that is the furthest away from Earth is about to leave the region dominated by … Continue reading

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The Universe

A man said to the universe “Sir, I exist” “However,” replied the universe “The fact has not instilled in me a sense of obligation.” Stephen Crane The universe is not uncaring.  Caring and uncaring are concepts that are applied to … Continue reading

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Slooh Amateur Astronomy May have Discovered a Supernova in Progress

Slooh techs have reported what may be a brand new supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy M101). Slooh is a service where amateur astronomers can purchase time on telescopes and direct the telescopes to whatever they want to look at. This … Continue reading

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General Commentary and Cool Stuff 3

Kenya has apparently not listened to all the anti-renewable people who say wind power will never work in Africa.  Construction of the largest wind farm in Africa will begin this year. _____________________ The European Union has released a blueprint plan … Continue reading

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Solar Flares

The radiation from the largest solar flare in four years will hit Earth sometime Thursday or Friday (Feb 24 or 25, 2011). The sun has finally decided to wake up a little bit.  It has been one of the quietest … Continue reading

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