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The New Year and the Future

We sit around the table, remembering fun times with family and watching the boy explore his new toys.  Then we get to talking about how radically different things are not and how much more radically altered things will be in … Continue reading

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GOP Candidates

I don’t talk too much about politics, but I’ve been keeping up with this for a while and something very interesting is starting to occur at a local level. We’ve all seen the fortunes of the Republican candidates.  Someone new … Continue reading

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Petition the White House… is a Failure

Some months back, President Obama began the ‘We the People‘ website.  The principle was quite simple.  People (anyone in the US) could create a petition and if if it got the requisite number of signatures in the required time, then … Continue reading

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The Intelligent Design Challenge

OK, here it is.  Any ID proponents must determine, using principles of Intelligent Design, must determine if this sequence is designed or not. 0111010000110110010101110101000001001001011000110111101001011010010101 0001000101010101100100110100110101010100110100010001011000001011100010 0000001000000101000101100100001101000111011100100000011100110111000100 1110000101010000110001001000000101001101100111011000100100111000100000 0111101001000100011100000111011000110000011011100010000001101001010101 00010011000110100100110011001000000100000101001101010100110011001001010 00001101011001110010111010001100101001100100101010000100000001101000100 01000110010001100011001000000110001001101010001101000010000001010100011 11000001000000100110000110011010100010011010100110010010101110011011101 110011001000000011100100110011011101000010000001000011001110000111010000 111001011110100101001001101110001000000100000101000001010110100110100100 1000000011000001001011011000100100110001000110011011100101001000100000011 010110110011001000010010000010010000001001110001100010111010100100000011 0101101000111001000000100111101111001010101100011100001111010010101000010 1011011100000010000000110100011110010110111100100000011011100111001000110 00101010010011011110100010001100001010010110011010101010010001100000010111 00010000000100000011001110111010101010000011100010101010101111000010011010 … Continue reading

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There Goes the Real World, Fracking with our Perceptions

I’ve been grumpy lately and I’m pretty tired of dealing with the crap.  But it does bring to mind something that I read from Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame).*  Allow me to paraphrase. Ask all the smartest people in the … Continue reading

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Scientific vs. Unscientific Notions

I was reading this article about the multiverse and found a really profound statement and an area of common misunderstanding.  So… blog! To me, the key point is that if theories are scientific, then it’s legitimate science to work out … Continue reading

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A Eulogy for a Country

The United States of America has done the impossible.  Our country is mighty, not just because of military power, but because of the heart and soul and strength of her people. The United States were born out of a desire … Continue reading

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Information and Humans

Back in the late 80s, I had a computer.  It ran at a stunning 12 Mhz.  It had the max 640k of memory.  I paid over $300 for a  20 Megabyte hard drive.  It was the boss machine of the … Continue reading

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The Technological Singularity – In Response to Charles Stross

Charlie Stross* wrote an well reasoned argument against the Technological Singularity.  While I agree with most of his article, he is following almost a fundamental aspect of The Technological Singularity.  What he, and IMO, other post-humanists and those of similar … Continue reading

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The Non-Rich

… what are we to do? It’s a very depressing situation.  Guy dumps something like 299 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, was in charge when 11 people in his company died and gets a $400,000 safety … Continue reading

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