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A Universe from Nothing – Chapter 1

A Cosmic Mystery Story: Beginnings This is an excellent chapter as it really emphasizes the difference between reality and our perceptions.  A long time ago, a man was imprisoned for life because he claimed something that wasn’t obvious.  Now, that … Continue reading

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Poor Science Reporting

OK, that’s it.  I’m dropping this site, permanently.  This is the worst science ‘reporting’ I’ve ever seen. 1) The girl “patented” not “invented”, not “built”… but patented something.  Go look in the patent files for how many perpetual motion machines … Continue reading

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Weapons and Armor

A weapon, in the most basic sense, is a system for concentrating energy in space and time.  Armor, in the most basic sense, is a system for disbursing energy in space and time. Let’s look at an example.  A 5.56mm … Continue reading

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