Growth and Development

Today, my son will be alive for exactly 5 years.

This time five years ago, I was sitting in a hospital with my wife crushing my fingers.  In about 7 hours we would have the most wonderful child ever.  He’d be perfect if he ever slept.

Two very funny stories happened on during this time.

First of all, it was a near thing that we couldn’t have kids.  My wife had to have surgery prior to being able to carry him.  The doctor is a great guy and he turned around from a vacation in San Antonio to come deliver my boy.

He got to the hospital about 10AM.  We still weren’t quite ready, so he wandered off to get some paperwork done.  About 11:30 he came rushing in.  Nothing much was happening and we wondered about the rush.  The lead doctor in the firm had told him that we were ready and needed him.  Practical jokes doctor style.

However, when it actually happened, the doctor still almost missed it.  At 4PM, we were all ready.  The baby was starting to crown.  Our nurse was telling us what all to do.  There was one good push and the boy was almost out.  The doctor wandered in with a coffee cup to check on us and saw the baby’s head.

Nineteen minutes later, I was cutting the cord.  Yep, my wife was in full labor for 19 minutes.  It took the doctor 45 minutes to sew her back together.  Remember ladies, speed kills… or at least does a lot of damage.

Now, my little baby is wearing jeans, leather coats, and has more LEGO sets than I did growing up.

It is rough having Christmas and then 4 days later his birthday.  We put some presents in the closet to parcel out during the year when he gets bored.

I miss my little baby.  But I’m glad to have a big boy, who can go to the bathroom by himself.  I miss the cute little toys and cute, baby games.  I’m glad to have toys that I like to play with too and real games that teach real skills.

Most of all, I’m glad for the experience of being a dad.  It’s not been easy.  It’s massively disruptive and confusing and you never quite know if your doing things correctly.  I’m paranoid about making a mistake.  But most importantly, I’m there.

Unlike my dad, I’m going to be there.  I may not be the perfect dad… far from it, but I’m going to try.  I’m can’t control what my child does or becomes, even though I have my preferences.  As long as he grows up into a thinking human being, I’ll be satisfied.


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