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Information and Humans

Back in the late 80s, I had a computer.  It ran at a stunning 12 Mhz.  It had the max 640k of memory.  I paid over $300 for a  20 Megabyte hard drive.  It was the boss machine of the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

Mr. Stephenson, This is a formal complaint directly to you, because it is obvious that your customer service center, including the management thereof cannot correct the issues that your company has. I have been a customer of AT&T for over … Continue reading

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What Would You Do If? – Global Warming

I was thinking this weekend, how cool would it be to develop a device that could relatively easily remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Then, I thought, that would be horrible.  So here’s your chance to tell me and everyone … Continue reading

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Direct Conversion of Heat to Electricity – Coming Soon!

The direct conversion of heat to electricity is extremely difficult, but would improve the electricity production of the world by a considerable margin.  Most of the systems we have for generating electricity do capture the work done as heat flows … Continue reading

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The Technological Singularity – In Response to Charles Stross

Charlie Stross* wrote an well reasoned argument against the Technological Singularity.  While I agree with most of his article, he is following almost a fundamental aspect of The Technological Singularity.  What he, and IMO, other post-humanists and those of similar … Continue reading

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24 Hour Solar Power

This is for all those that say Solar can’t be base load power. Spain has opened for the first base-load, 24-hour industrial scale solar thermal plant. The concept is very different from what most people think of as solar power.  … Continue reading

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The Non-Rich

… what are we to do? It’s a very depressing situation.  Guy dumps something like 299 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, was in charge when 11 people in his company died and gets a $400,000 safety … Continue reading

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In Which I Compare Your Sunday Roast to Our Planet Earth

Growing up as I did, I learned a fair bit about cooking.  I don’t mind cooking, it’s not my favorite activity and cleaning is way down on the list, so I don’t cook that much. Every Sunday, while I was … Continue reading

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Your Inner Fish – Chapter 5

I am sad to say that I’ve been putting this off.  Make no mistake, this is a fascinating chapter, but trying to condense it is difficult.  Shubin really is a good writer and doesn’t write a lot of fluff (unlike … Continue reading

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Anti-Father’s Day

Warning: This is not a Happy Father’s Day post.  This is about reality.  This is about the fact that many people have children, but are poor parents.  This is the story of one of them.  Read on at your peril. … Continue reading

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