Poor Science Reporting

OK, that’s it.  I’m dropping this site, permanently.  This is the worst science ‘reporting’ I’ve ever seen.

1) The girl “patented” not “invented”, not “built”… but patented something.  Go look in the patent files for how many perpetual motion machines there are.  There are dozens.  A patent doesn’t mean it works or that the device is even physically possible.

2) I read a science-fiction book (written by Travis Taylor, who actually is a physicist) that developed the exact same system about 5 years ago.  This girl just patented it.

3) Anytime you see the words “free” and “energy” in the same paragraph, you should be seeing a red flag that screams “examine this concept CLOSELY”.

Now, why don’t we ask her exactly how much energy is available in (for example) a cubic meter of vacuum.  Because the current physics models range from 10^-9 joules per cubic meter to 10^113 joules per cubic meter.  So, does she even have an estimate that’s say 50 orders of magnitude* more accurate?  I doubt it.

What’s the conversion efficiency of this energy?  99% or 0.00001%.  In other words, do we have to be able to suck energy out of a cubic kilometer of vacuum to push a grain of sand to 150 kilometers per hour or will a single cubic meter accelerate a metric ton of material to near c in a few hours?

Is there an actual working device that really harnesses vacuum energy?  How did she build the device with tolerances of less than 10 nanometers (that’s 10 billionths of a meter).

Let’s just say I’m skeptical.  The problem is that Inhabitat isn’t skeptical enough.  They will ‘report’ anything, even truly shoddy science.


* That’s this much more accurate 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

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