Who Speaks for the Christians?

Read this first… all the way to the end.

Now, do those of you who are Christians agree with the sentiments in the article?

Actually it doesn’t matter, your opinions don’t matter.  Why?  Because you aren’t being heard.

Look at it this way.  The people quoted in the article above are ‘journalists’ they are writing articles and saying things that you (as a Christian) may not agree with.  But they are speaking.  You aren’t.

Yes, everyone knows that the majority of Christians are very nice and don’t agree with the majority of teaching of the Bible or their church.  The majority of Christians are very quiet, normal people.  Many Christians are actually very intelligent people and useful members of society.

But they aren’t the Christians that people hear about.

The people who write these articles are the ones people hear about.  Newt Gingrich, Bill ‘you can’t explain that’ O’Reilly, and Pamela Geller  are the people representing YOUR religion to the rest of the world.  And let’s face it these people are insane and liars.

There is a fairly popular internet meme also going around, “You’re a Christian and therefore can’t be trusted.”

All Christians should be ashamed of the actions of their fellows… from people like Pam Geller to the current Pope.  What does it say about your religions when you can’t trust the people who are the mouthpieces of these religions to say things that are true?  It doesn’t say anything about the religion, what it says it that the people speaking for you are liars and scum.

Think about that a minute, if you are a Christian.  Do you agree with Bill O’Reilly that science is wrong about almost everything, including the fundamental laws of physics?  Do you agree with Pam Geller that Muslims in America do not have the same rights as Christians?  Do you agree with the Pope putting a pedophile in charge of the investigations into pedophilia in the Church?

I know I’m babbling here, but this is important.

Atheists think all Christians are insane mainly because these kinds of people are your spokesmen.

So what do you think about this?  Do these people really speak for you?  Do you agree with them?  If not, then why are you allowing them to speak for you?

Your religion is being shown in the worst possible light by people like this.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you hate Muslims?
  • Do you hate atheists?
  • Do you hate gays?
  • Should all of these groups have the same rights and privileges as you do?
  • If not, why not?
  • If so, why aren’t you speaking out against the Christians that do hate these groups and want tokill them.

Things like this are difficult to express, which is why I’m not a journalist I guess.  But this is an important concept and it is fundamentally hurting the Christian Faith.  Non-Christian groups see Christians as dangerous, insane, liars because these are the type of people who are speaking for you.

I totally agree that the same kind of argument could be made for Muslims and atheists (though I have never heard of an atheist wanting to murder someone, much less for not being atheist).  But that’s not what I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about Jesus ‘turn the other cheek’ freaks wanting to shoot people who don’t agree with them… considering there are some 35,000 sects of Christianity, it’s pretty surprising that they haven’t killed each other off.

Anyway… thoughts for the day…


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11 Responses to Who Speaks for the Christians?

  1. William Bell says:

    Very interesting thought but I doubt any christians will respond, your sentiments can be summed up in this video:

  2. Holy crap this was a great post, you are so right that the silent non-wackaloons let the idiot wackaloons grandstand at the podium.

  3. Eugen says:

    We “silent non-wackaloons’ need entertainment,too. 🙂

  4. Eugen says:

    Ogre, are you absolutely sure there is no God?

  5. OgreMkV says:

    Nope. However,
    given all the evidence against the material in the Bible
    given that there is no evidence of His existence besides a poorly written, edited, and translated book
    given that there are literally 10s of thousands of different versions of Christianity
    given that believers in the Judeo-Chrsitian God summarily reject every other God that has ever been talked about for the same reasons that I reject their God
    given that, even if the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible existed, he is such an asshole
    given that all ‘feelings’ of God have been replicated by scientific experiments (and many drugs)
    given that his followers don’t follow his commandments anymore than any one else
    given my knowledge and past experience with religion, the religious, and the like I would rather spend eternity in hell than in the Biblical heaven

    given all that… he might as well not exist. So there’s no harm in saying that, for all intents and purposes, the Judeo-Christian God is exactly as real as Zues, Odin, Coyote, Cthullu, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. On the other hand, what is God? He’s an idea that lives in the minds of His believers. So, in that sense, He does exist. However, he has zero power on this planet.

  6. Eugen says:

    No is a fair answer. Same here,I cannot be absolutely sure there is God. We have a problem because God does or doesn’t exist, there is no in between. I may end up in hell with you for doubting – I hear it’s a hot place.

    I see you are quite unimpressed by the organized religion. You listed many reasons for not liking religion and I may agree with some of them. OTOH don’t overlook the positive aspects of it.

  7. OgreMkV says:

    There are a lot of ways to end up in hell and there seems to be only a few (often contradictory) ways to end up in heaven. Sucks to be us.

    What are the positive aspects of religion? I cannot think of a single positive aspect of religion that could not exist without religion. I forget who said this but I like it “Good people will do good things with or without religion. Bad people will do bad things with or without religion. But it takes religion to make good people do bad things.”

    Yes, I know you could present any number of examples of bad people finding religion and becoming good people. However, I’m willing to bet that those people would have become ‘good people’ with any amount of someone sitting them down, listening to their problems, and showing them that there are always ways to adapt and overcome. I truly do not think that religion is required for that to happen.

    You say that hell is a ‘hot place’. Why? Do you believe that opium dream that is Revelation? Other sections describe hell as merely the absence of God. If so, then we are, effectively, already there.

  8. Eugen says:

    You take your freedom for granted. I grew up in a communist country where atheism was officially mandated by the government. All religion was systematically repressed; all religious people were second-class citizens.
    The Ministry of Internal Affairs called in my father for interrogation several times after they overheard of my father supporting outspoken Christian dissident. They had agents follow him for a while, too. He was a teacher of classical languages (Latin and Greek). Teachers were under special scrutiny; they were supposed to be very politically correct.
    He was never physically hurt but it was very intimidating and stressful for him and the family.

    Communist – atheists tried to brainwash religion out of people’s minds without success and replace it with a new god- The Dictator. They miserably failed. Would you support state mandated brainwashing to eradicate people beliefs and traditions?
    Positive aspect of religion and church was promoting hope for the oppressed people, preserving national tradition and guiding them through the dark ages of communism to freedom. They were focusing people on positive idea that there is always an end to evil oppressors. Also, church was preserver of human dignity and pride. Priests, nuns, monks worked hard in counseling and organizing charity to save human dignity during the hardest times of my small nation. They were always there for us in the most difficult times in the past and will be in the future.
    What wrong did they do in this case; do you think Bible or God instructed them to do anything bad?

  9. OgreMkV says:

    Arguably, there is no difference between dictators, religion, the communist state, etc. All of those things are exactly the same.

    They are an attempt to control the individual. Communists wanted to repress religion not because they were atheists, but because religion was competition for the hearts and minds of the people. It’s all about control. Take a look at the current debates in the US congress. Religion (who does not have to disclose the amount of money they spend lobbying congress people) wants congress to tell women that they have no control over their own bodies. Religion wants congress to tell one of my best friends that he is not allowed to have a marriage because he’s gay. Why? Because God is a jealous God (and therefore not perfect).

    Again, there is nothing in your list that couldn’t have been done by non-Christian organizations. Why wasn’t it done by non-Christian organizations? Because, like your country suppressing religion, my country suppresses atheism. Just look at the US news where atheists are compared to rapists, murders, and Hitler. Atheist organizations have only recently begun to exist and are beginning to be involved in these kinds of things.

    Again, I never said that good people don’t exist in churches and religion. What I’m saying is that it takes religion to generate intolerance and hatred in otherwise good people. Does it happen in every case? No. But why should it happen at all?

  10. Eugen says:

    Doubts etc. withstanding, I think church – religion, for better or worse, is entangled with many nations. I’m not sure what other organization would do a better job as described in earlier comment… and why?
    Unfortunatelly, freedom from communism comes at the cost. Whether some like it or not, church will get involved in another difficult task there. It’ll try to save the nation from itself.
    Echoing situation in N. America, my old homeland is sinking into a black hole of consumerism. Families accumulate loads of debt and then fall apart. Nobody is sure how this will turn out because of very different playground now. People are unfocused by constantly manipulated media distractions like turning trivialities into false big news, moronic reality shows and similar.
    Chinese curse says: may you live in interestig times.

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