Why “Stupid Idiot” is not Redundant

Twelve hours ago, before I went to sleep and for most of time prior to that, I thought the phrase “Stupid idiot” was redundant.  I thought it was an expression of exaggeration for emphasis.

But this morning, on my drive to work, I saw a stupid idiot.

Here’s how I define the phrase now.  Someone who does something idiotic in a stupid manner. 

I mean, if you’re going to do something idiotic, then at least do it correctly.  Let me explain.

My drive to work is all surface roads with large medians.  There is a particularly annoying light where my main road and another main road intersect.  Depending on the time, one can sit through several red light cycles before getting across. 

So, I’m sitting about three cycles away from the light and I happen to glance in my side mirror and see a large Dodge truck hauling ass down the median.  “Wow, that’s dumb”, I think to myself.  But wait…

The truck passes me and continues down to a crossover, where it drops into the turning lane and proceeds to make a U-turn.  Then haul ass back down the other side of the road.

Driving on the median is just stupid.  But if you are going to drive on the median and then make a u-turn, why not just cut across the median where you are?  Why drive all the way down to the crossover?  That’s just idiotic.

So, now, I have a newfound appreciation for the richness of the English language and have reached a new low in the ability of American’s to think.


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2 Responses to Why “Stupid Idiot” is not Redundant

  1. I feel like the word stupid would pertain to a persons knowledge. While idiot would refer to a persons actions. He is stupid/he acts like an idiot/he is idiotic. Naa mean?

  2. Lady-D says:

    My 64 year old roommate is such an idiot in everything that he does, i even try to be humble and say to myself maybe he really can’t help by the way he is i have even prayed to God about this situation, soo irritating, i fuss at him alot, and he retaliates back at me, it just seems like he doesn’t even give a damn about how he is…..he once told me that he has never drove a car, which seems kinda odd! He also can’t read nor write, and his speech is all scrambled up, sometimes i can’t understand a thing that he says, his mouth be wide open as to say something to me but nothing comes out of his mouth, and i be telling him come on spit it out, take it slowly to what you are trying to say…….i give up! He’s just an old dog that you can’t teach new tricks……stupid idiot!!!

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