Following Instructions

Why can’t people, what might otherwise be considered intelligent adults (or almost adults), follow instructions?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone, has misread or accidentally skipped a step or thought they knew what they were doing.  Anyone who said that this hasn’t happened to them has the worst case of lying to themselves ever.  I once had to take a little DiY shelf set apart because what they instructions said didn’t seem to make sense… until I got to the last page and realized I had done everything backwards.

That’s a normal human trait, personal arrogance.  Especially among those who are ‘experts’ in the area they are working in.  My grandfather was a certified Master Carpenter and no one could tell him how to build something.

What I’m talking about here is the continuous disregard for the same instruction being repeated multiple times to an adult (not a child, that’s a whole ‘nother can o’ worms).

The instance in question involved a forum and a poster who wanted to root his new phone.  Now rooting can be slightly dangerous (to the phone) if you aren’t careful, but the advantages far out-weigh the very minor chance of bricking the phone… unless you don’t follow instructions.

Anyway, this ‘guy’ (quotes because I have no idea of gender or age) whose at least old enough to handle the purchase of a $700 smartphone, kept complaining that the rooting process didn’t work.

After several back and forths, everyone was pretty much convinced this guy hadn’t cleared the cache (a specific cache, not the general memory cache).  Well, there was another 3 pages of posts telling this guy to do this and he insisted that he had, even though screenshots of his log showed he hadn’t.

It’s a simple process.  It’s a simple instruction.  No less than 5 other people told him what was wrong and how to fix, but he refused to believe them.  Apparently he is an IT professional and that is probably a big chunk of the issue.

But, really, if you are going to go to a forum and ask for help, at least listen to the experts and try not to turn your $700 phone into a very light paperweight.

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