My Web Comics

When the whole web-comic appeared, I didn’t think too much of it.  But then I found a really good one.  Then I found another and another.  I thought I would share my favorites.  It’s a good way to kill a few afternoons.

In no particular order.

Sluggy Freelance – This one was my gateway drug to web comics.  I started reading it after a reference to “bun-bun” in a book that I read.  It’s very good and Pete Abrams is a prolific author and cartoonist.  My problem with it now is that the story lines are just too much.  I wasn’t enjoying the latest ones, so I don’t read it much anymore.  There are several years worth of the comic, so if you enjoy it, be prepared to lose several weeks productivity.  If you have any geek factor at all, you will enjoy it (at least most of it).

xkcd – This is another one that any geek absolutely must read.  It can be laugh out loud funny… and I mean really laughing out loud, not LOL.  It can also make you think and some of the research that this guys puts into his work is absolutely stunning.  Not too bad for a bunch of stick figures.

Surviving the World – This isn’t really a web comic.  It’s a guy with a blackboard… except he’s an engineer.  He has a lot of really interesting observations as well.  One nice thing about xkcd and StW, is that there aren’t stories or plots.  You can jump in anywhere and still find humor, philosophy, and things that make you go ‘hmm’.

Blue Milk Special – This one tops my list for quirky and unique.  Basically, the author is retelling the entire Star Wars saga… with a bit of a twist.  Leia is a chain-smoking tramp.  Darth Vader is a coffee drinking moron, who prefers Star Trek to Star Wars.  Biggs Darklighter is dead, but a remains a huge hero.  If you can handle some off the wall rescripting of your scifi, then try it.  You will enjoy it.

Grrl Power – This one is very new and rarely updated, but when you see the comic, you’ll understand why.  It’s draw very well and in full color.  The cartoonist isn’t the best, he often tries to fit too much into a page, but it’s still enjoyable and I’m really looking forward to see where he takes it.  Basically, it’s kind of your average super-hero comic, with some very unusual super-heroines… and one girl (who is both a hard-core geek and nuts) who has a tube with some very interesting properties.

Girls with Slingshots – I’m not sure why I like this one so much.  It’s very chicky, not very geeky and occasionally pretty emotional.  However it has some great features, like Pedro the talking cactus and the ghost kitty who flies around uttering “doooooom” all the time.  It’s very odd, maybe I’m growing as a person.  It’s been around a while, so if you like it, be prepared to read for a while.

Misfile – My new favorite.  The plot is disturbingly simple.  A slacker angel gets busted for not keeping up with the filing.  In his haste to cover his tracks, he misfiles to people.  One teenage, car-loving boy gets misfiled as a girl and a brilliant yet shy girl who just got accepted into Harvard gets misfiled as being two years younger.  It is really quirky and yet really gets into the emotions of the characters and the kind of meta action in heaven is interesting.  I’m really looking forward to where this one goes.
Well, that’s it for my web comic bookmarks.  Enjoy and please remember moderation.

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