The Day The Snake Died

So, I go to work and before I really get started, I get a text message from the missus.

Yech, something died in the garage.  I can’t work in here.  The funk is bad.

Well, not much I can do except suggest frebreeze or a vinegar spray.  I mean, the likelihood of anyone finding the dead thing is between slim and nil.  But she’s on a mission.  I understand, the garage is her art studio (and her domain, I don’t go in there without an engraved invitation and escort) and she can’t work in that.

So, throughout the day I get the occasional text.  “Stinks”, “Really Bad, even with the garage doors up”.

Then it starts getting worse.

She texts:

Course the odds it will be where I get to last :/

I reply

Of course it will be the last place you look.  You stop looking when you find it.

She replies

Really?  If it takes much longer ill b able to follow the flies to the desicated skeleton.

Next, she says

Still have 18 boxes out there


Well its definitely near the front door that doesn’t open! Crap.


And it’s warming up. :/


I sure hope its not a snake.


Call Me!

So I call her and she says she can see a tail.  A big long reptile tail.  I get her to call animal control and they come out.

Yes, it was a snake a dead 3-foot long rat snake.  Nicely decomposing near some boxes.  Sigh.

It gets better.  She’s in a tizzy because her workspace is totally disrupted.

I get her fed, help clean up a little, then get her upstairs to clean off.  She mentions, “would you check that no other critters are in the garage and then close the doors?”

I said, “I doubt anything is going to be anywhere near the garage with the dead snake smell.”

Well… never let it be said that I can’t admit when I’m wrong.  I open the door to the garage and there’s a bog ole bunny staring at me.  Bunny’s got street cred man.  He’s all banged up.  Then he turns, fluffs his tail at me and high tails (get it?) it out of the garage and to the large bushes next door.

The missus is much happier that her sanctum has been bunny approved after the events of the day.

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