Boy I called that one didn’t I?

Verizon is killing unlimited data plans this summer.

Here’s why this is stupid.  Verizon is going to put a data cap on the amount of downloading (and uploading?) one can do each month.  They also are spending big bucks deploying the fastest cellular network around.

Which means that 4G (almost, don’t get me started) phones are nearly worthless.  3G is plenty quick for normal web browsing, e-mail, etc.  Heck, I can watch HD videos off youtube with no stuttering.

What will 4G be good for?

Streaming video and video chat.

Oh wait, sorry, there’s a data cap so feel free to enjoy for 2 weeks out of every month.  The other 2 weeks, you have to turn your data signal off so you don’t get hit with overage fees.

Now, AT&T is saying that they will cap HOME internet at 150GB per month.  AT&T’s cellular data cap is 2GB.  That’s right… 2.

In 10 of 31 days in this billing cycle, I’ve used 1GB.  Ouch.  That’s a few videos on youtube, a few google maps, checking facebook and e-mail, and downloading apps.

This is going to sting.

The local Verizon store SAYS that I will be grandfathered as long as I stay with my current contract.  We’ll see.

The solution?  WiMax.  Google should invest in WiMax service all over the US and then we’ll all switch to tablets or android phones.  We can use Voice-over-IP for talking or video chat and get all the access we need at near 4G speeds (well, near what everyone is calling 4G anyway).  Google would have every Android customer about 35 seconds after announcing it.  That’s a lot.

Second stupid thing Verizon did.

Next on the LTE list of cities… Bryan/College Station and Temple/Killeen… no love for Austin, which has one of the highest standards of living (heck, our bums have caddy SUVs) and one of the most technology based cities in the US, much less Texas.

Sigh… oh wait, It doesn’t matter.  With data caps 4G is effectively useless (at least 2 weeks out of the month).

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