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The Technological Singularity – In Response to Charles Stross

Charlie Stross* wrote an well reasoned argument against the Technological Singularity.  While I agree with most of his article, he is following almost a fundamental aspect of The Technological Singularity.  What he, and IMO, other post-humanists and those of similar … Continue reading

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Boy I called that one didn’t I?

Verizon is killing unlimited data plans this summer. Here’s why this is stupid.  Verizon is going to put a data cap on the amount of downloading (and uploading?) one can do each month.  They also are spending big bucks deploying … Continue reading

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AT&T / T-Mobile Merger: Why I Think It’s Bad

Here’s the start of the ATT&T / T-Mobile merger hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee Here’s a (slightly biased, but accurate) summary of some of the points brought out today. Here’s the webpage you can go tell the FCC what … Continue reading

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It Is NOT Official – Very Little Evidence Links Bee Deaths to Cell Phones

This is a fascinating case of what happens when you DON’T check the original sources.  I know, this has happened to me as a blogger. It’s Official – Cell Phones are Killing Bees Of course, their article came from Mobile … Continue reading

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