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More From the “AT&T Clueless Department”

AT&T has got to have the absolute worst customer service system I have ever dealt with. Today, while on another call, my cell phone received a call from an AT&T 800 number.  I was busy and didn’t answer it.  15 … Continue reading

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Data Usage

Well, unless you live under a rock (or have a decent internet provider), you are aware that AT&T has decided to ‘cap’ internet usage to 150 Gigabytes for DSL users and 250 or so for U-verse.  You go over that … Continue reading

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Boy I called that one didn’t I?

Verizon is killing unlimited data plans this summer. Here’s why this is stupid.  Verizon is going to put a data cap on the amount of downloading (and uploading?) one can do each month.  They also are spending big bucks deploying … Continue reading

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