“A Universe From Nothing” an Introduction

As I stated yesterday, I’ll be doing a review of Lawrence Krauss‘ new book A Universe From Nothing.

Basically, this book was a lecture by Krauss before it was a book.  That lecture has gotten over 1.4 million hits on youtube.

However, there’s only so much one can cover in an hour lecture.  And there’s some recent research that needed including, so now we have the book.  The book covers everything from the age of the universe to how we know that it came from nothing and (maybe) what’s going to happen in the next few hundred billion years.  Incidentally, he also covers the nature of the evidence for dark matter and why science does know things.

So that’s what I’ll be covering in this chapter-by-chapter review.  It’s another one of those “if everyone could read this” kind of book like Your Inner Fish.  The two chapters I’ve read so far start with a brief explanation, cover the history of the concept, and then talk about the current views on the subject.

As last time, I’ll list the chapters and then link to them as I write the review.  So, to wet your appetite.

Chapter 1: A Cosmic Mystery Story: Beginnings

Chapter 2: A Cosmic Mystery Story: Weighing the Universe

Chapter 3: Light from the Beginning of Time

Chapter 4: Much Ado About Nothing

Chapter 5: The Runaway Universe

Chapter 6: The Free Lunch at the End of the Universe

Chapter 7: Our Miserable Future

Chapter 8: A Grand Accident?

Chapter 9: Nothing Is Something

Chapter 10: Nothing is Unstable

Chapter 11: Brave New Worlds

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3 Responses to “A Universe From Nothing” an Introduction

  1. Eugen says:

    Hi Ogre

    Good to see some new stuff.

    I checked out Krauss’s book at the bookstore few weeks ago. Most chapters are just recap of current cosmology and only at the end, maybe last couple of chapters Krauss explains his idea “something from nothing”.

    It’ll be interesting to read your comments on the book.


    Man, that apple cake looks awsome 🙂

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