General Commentary and Cool Stuff 3

Kenya has apparently not listened to all the anti-renewable people who say wind power will never work in Africa.  Construction of the largest wind farm in Africa will begin this year.


The European Union has released a blueprint plan to address fossil fuel shortages, pollution, and global warming.  Other parts of the plan calls for the ban of fossil fuel vehicles inside city limits by 2050.

I’ve heard opponents of this bill label the EU as fascist.

Of course, by 2050 gasoline and diesel fuel will be 350 Euros a liter and it won’t matter if they are banned or not, no one will be using them anyway.

Face it, the only reason people are concerned about electric vehicles is the lack of range, which is already becoming a moot point with multiple vehicles boasting a 200+ mile range (1, 2, 3)


Some major US companies jump on board the Obama plan, by pledging to switch from gasoline vehicles to a mixture of electric, hybrid, and CNG.  The companies include AT&T Verizon, Fed Ex, Pepsi, and UPS.


In a third irony meter explosion in as many weeks, the Republicans are planning to announce a plan to reduce health care expenses… looks suspiciously like Obamacare for seniors only.


Kepler montage of planets.  Epic cool stuff.


Finally, a little something for me.  This is fantastic mix of a fantastic song.  If you don’t like Eurodance, you will after hearing this.



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