The Candidates Did Respond… and it’s underwhelming

Both the Romney campaign and the Obama campaign have answered’s 14 questions.

Just a cursory glance and it appears that they both punted on a lot of the questions.  Especially the education one.  We have a lot of unemployed (underemployed) STEM graduates.  What we need is a fundamental shift in education to emphasize critical thinking skills for all graduates, not just STEM grads.

Romney utterly failed the global warming challenge.  Every single reputable scientist and scientific body has stated that global warming is real, it’s a danger, and it may already be too late to do more than survive.  There’s a fundamental difference in how science uses ‘theory’ and how the lay person uses ‘theory’ and that is so important that misunderstanding that is doomed to failure.  Romney failed.

Of course, Obama didn’t do much better.  Yes, our dependance on foreign oil is lower than ever, but out domestic production is high and getting higher, while subsidies to make renewables cost competitive with (the heavily subsidized oil industry) languish in congress.

The issue of vaccines is also a failure by both parties.  Just a list of talking points about medical care.  The entire point of vaccines is the concept of herd immunity and everyone should have these vaccines.  There’s a reason that diseases like whooping cough are coming back.  Shockingly, the places where vaccinations are optional are the places where whooping cough is worse.  That’s not a talking point, there are real children dying from an easily preventable disease.

That’s all I can deal with tonight.  Read through it and see what you think.

Personally, I think the Green part candidates would have done an infinitely better job on these questions.  But they really don’t have a prayer of being elected (sadly) and I see them as seriously lacking in foreign policy, defense, and economic experience.

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