Why We are Doomed

I haven’t had this frustrating an experience in a while.

It is really amazing that two people, both at least moderately intelligent, capable of research and critical thinking, when presented with literally tons of evidence can still, using logic, for two VALID, and yet, diametrically opposed opinions.

Here’s why we are doomed.

If two intelligent people, given the same data, can develop opposite, yet valid opinions, then how the hell are the idiots we elect to office supposed to come to the same conclusion.

The US is a mess and it will not get better.  We have two MAJOR divisions within the US.  The conservatives and the liberals… or the south and the north… or the east and the west… or the 1% and the 99%… or… I could go on.

These differing groups will NEVER reach the same conclusions, in fact, they probably cannot ever even reach a compromise that actual does something.

We are stuck in an endless cycle of conservative leader, then liberal leader, usually with the opposing party in control of congress.

When you throw in businesses who effectively own politicians and the complete fruitcakes whose main fault is that they are unable to admit that they made a mistake (or think critically)… there is literally nothing that will work.

People have opinions, some valid, some not.  Some of my opinions are probably invalid… I know there are things I haven’t studied enough to have a valid opinion on, yet I have an opinion on them.

When you consider the multitude of issues that people have opinions on (welfare, immigration, abortion, religion, gun control, jobs, budget, defense, transportation, science, etc. etc. etc.), you start to realize that finding even two people with the same opinions is likely impossible, much less finding an entire group of people with the same thoughts.

Heck, even among atheists (who are generally intelligent people) you find a variety of opinions on even how one should be an atheist.  (If you care, ask me, I’ll explain.)

While this diversity is good in the sense that we have lots of ideas and lots of thoughts on how to do things… we generally cannot come to a consensus and a few people who are in this not for the betterment of humans (or the country), but for themselves can use this to control and confuse issues.

It’s very, very frustrating.  I know that I’m not right on a lot of things.  I’m willing to stand up for the things I know I’m right on and I’m willing to change my mind if someone can provide sufficient evidence.

If only everyone were like this.  But even if everyone were like this, it probably wouldn’t help as much as you think.  All it takes is one person to obfuscate or manufacture data and the whole system is compromised.

On really has to work to find out the truth about anything, much less very controversial concepts.  Heck, I can’t even find consistent data on the major cause of accidental deaths for children in a year.  You think that should be pretty basic info right?  It’s really not.  Even two government organizations have differing data for the same year.

So, what are we to do?

I don’t know.  Muddle along as best we can I guess.  Hope for the best?  I don’t know…

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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One Response to Why We are Doomed

  1. Tom Collier says:

    This too shall pass.

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