My Three Favorite Animals

This is a weird post, but go with me here.  I just recently discovered my third favorite animal and it is so unusual that I just have to share.  There’s no point in sharing just the third one either, so here we go.

My new third favorite animal is:

by Toby Hudson

Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor)

First of all, it has a killer name.  “Swamp Wallaby” just rolls off the tongue.  I’m definitely naming my next starship ‘Swamp Wallaby”.  And just look at that face, isn’t he cute?

Second, take a look at this picture.

by John O'Neill

Kinda chubby, right?  Now look at those claws on the feet.  “I disembowel you, beotch!”

Third, the swamp wallaby is freaking tough.  It can eat hemlock and Lantana… those are some pretty toxic plants.  This is one wicked cool animal.

Second on the list of my favorites and the only one that I even have a chance of ever actually sharing my life with is this:

"How YOU doin'?" by Lee R. Berger

Serval (Leptailurus serval or Caracal serval)

My list would not be complete without a feline and this is my feline of choice.  I just can’t afford to feed a tiger (unless I lived next to an elementary school) .  Snow Leopards are gorgeous, but in Texas?  I don’t think so.  No, servals are really cool.  They are small for big cats (up to about 40 pounds) and can jump.  From standing still, they have been observed jumping over 3 meters (12+ feet).

They are also slightly better at living in captivity than the other wild felids… but no one should try and make a pet from a wild felid.  That’s why we have these…

Yep, hybrid serval/domestic cat (usually an Abyssinian or ocicat).  The F1 and F2 generations are almost as large as the full blood serval, but their temperament is much closer to the domestic cat.  Yet they retain the intelligence and agility of the serval… don’t hide the treats on top of the fridge… it won’t help.

And now, my number one favorite animal… surprisingly not a cat.  It’s why I use the browser I do…

by S. van der Wel

Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

aka Shining Cat, Fire Fox, Bear Cat

This is about the size of a big house cat and just epically cool.  There is some fascinating research about the genetic history of the Red Panda, but I just like the looks of them.

by Bernard Landgraf

by Daniel Wong


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