I Would be a Better Governor and President than Rick Perry

The Huffington Post has apparently gotten a hold of Rick Perry’s transcript.  I make no claims as to the accuracy of this.  If it was released without Perry’s permission, then a federal law has been broken.

And honestly, transcripts don’t tell you a lot… but they do tell you something.  They tell you how much as person is willing to learn.  And in Rick Perry’s case… it’s not much.  Let’s look at this a little closer.

First of all, there are two A’s on the entire transcript.  That’s it.  One in “Improvement of Learning” (obviously a 2 credit hour tutorial course) and “World Military Systems” I believe that this is an ROTC course, 1 credit hour.

So Perry made 3 credit hours of As in his entire college career.  I have more As than that in my graduate and post bachelor’s work.  As far as undergrad, I don’t know, but it’s a heck of a lot more than 2 courses.

Now let’s look at things that actually are important to running a state or country.  US History, 2 courses, 2 Cs.  Government, 1 course, B.  OK, he’s got me beat there, but I took two courses and made Cs in both.  I guess that explains Perry’s complete ignorance of the US and Texas Constitutions.

Accounting and Economics?  1 course in each, a D in ECON and a C in ACCT.  I have a 4 courses (two graduate) in accounting and 3 courses (1 graduate) in economics all with Bs. So, that explains the Texas budget.

Public speaking.  Perry, one course, C.  Me several courses and ribbons in state competitions, plus I was a teacher for 5 years.  I’ve probably got more public speaking (especially with self-written speeches) than Perry does.

Now what did Perry major in?  Animal science.  Average GPA 2.22.  Me, I majored in a science major too average GPA 3.2.  And my grades in science and math are waaaaay better than his.  That explains his complete ignorance on all things science, from evolution to global warming.

I’ll freely admit, I’m not real proud of my transcript.  It could have been a lot better.  But it’s still better than Perry’s and his never got better.

It is very depressing that this man is wealthier than I’ll ever be and except for a brief stint in the Air Force has been in politics his entire life.  Whereas I have a job.

I have taught the students that Rick Perry wants to be dumber than dirt.  I’ve taught in the prisons that Rick Perry wants to empty by killing the inmates, whether they are guilty or not.  I have taught the girls that have two children and are still in the tenth grade because Perry demands that they not be allowed to have condoms and access to proper sex education.  I am dealing with the unemployment situation that Perry has never had to deal with.

Rick Perry is making money off of his decisions.  Remember when he declared that all young teen girls in school should have the HPV vaccine?  The one that wasn’t fully tested and only worked on one version of HPV?  Anyone remember that it came out he was getting some campaign contributions and had some favors made?

The only decisions I’m making money on is to cash in my retirement to pay the bills that I accumulated over four hurricanes and still haven’t been able to pay back because of a complete lack of government assistance (because I have insurance and a job).

Do I think I would make a better governor or president than Perry?  Hell yes.  I think my 4-year-old would make a better governor or president… he, at least, would be totally honest.

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One Response to I Would be a Better Governor and President than Rick Perry

  1. Rusty Smith says:

    I’d vote for you! For President anyhow – I’m in Michigan…

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