Units of Measure for Stupidity

The measurement of stupidity now has a unit.  This link is the first I heard of it, but I like it and will use it henceforth.

The unit is the Palin.  It is the contention of many learned commentators that nothing and no single person can be more stupid that Sarah Palin, so the most common form of stupidity will be the milliPalin (mP).

For example; a common commentator on this site is running about 900 mP.  Since he thinks that ice is not water, termites are intelligent, and ID is a valid scientific theory.

Rick Perry, according to the source above, is running about 600 mP.


Edit to add: I rate the guy who decided to release Star Wars Kinect on Dec 31st as 1.3 Palins.

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2 Responses to Units of Measure for Stupidity

  1. Devlyn says:

    A friend of mine just mentioned degrees Darwin as a measurement. No idea what the scale should be as stupidity has no bottom or top.

  2. OgreMkV says:

    A darwin is an actual unit of measure. It’s the e-fold (2.718) change in a trait over 1 million years.

    So, two extant organisms may have 3 darwins difference in a certain trait. The unit itself is technically dimensionless so any trait can be measured.

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