Timeline of Creationism and Science

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been considering the history and accomplishments of science as compared to those for creationism.

It took a while, but I have created a timeline of accomplishments and important historical points for both science and creationism.  The cool part is that they are both on the same time line, so they can be compared.

This document can be found as a page (above) (link) on my blog.  I hope that my readers, both pro-science and pro-creationism/ID will suggest notable events and published papers that fit within the time frame (of some 700 years) and the central topics.

Note that a lot of the links are to Wikipedia.  I have tried to link to copies of papers and books where I could find them.  Surprisingly, it is not so easy to find links to a lot of the creationist material and some of them are surprisingly expensive.  Dembski’s “No Free Lunch” is over $100 at Amazon.  I am not going to pay that kind of money for a book that is fundamentally wrong.

I would especially like suggestions for important science papers over the last few decades and if anyone has links to Dembski’s papers in computation and electrical engineering (I think that’s what they were published in).

I’m considering adding some of the ‘back and forth’ material for the more recent books (DI attacking The Selfish Gene and everyone attacking Signature in the Cell, for example).  I don’t really want to as it’s not ‘historical’, but I hate to promote incorrect information as well.  I did this for one item and we’ll see how it goes.

Comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to post here, the Timeline page, or via e-mail or PM on the various forums.

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4 Responses to Timeline of Creationism and Science

  1. OgreMkV says:

    I’m going to allow this one (moderation based on multiple hyperlinks) only because I think I’ll write some posts debunking this. It should take about 10 minutes. (Yes, it really is that trivial.)

    David here has an appalling lack of knowledge of science and an even worse understanding of what an argument is. The series of webpages are supposed to be about evolution, yet the first 4-5 entries in his list of ‘questions’ are about solar system formation.

    David, evolution is “the change in allele frequency in a population” with some allowance made for “natural selection over time resulting in common descent of organisms”. Evolution DOES NOT cover the origin of life, the universe, and everything.

    Stay tuned.

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