What I’m Watching and Listening To – take 2

Cascada has a new album out “Original Me” with the first single being “San Francisco”.  It’s not here in the states yet.  Sigh.

Many people complain that it rips off Katy Perry’s California Gurls.  And it does…a  lot.  I still prefer Cascada to Katy  Honestly, I just don’t like the new Katy Perry Album.  I much prefer the SETI Gurls:

In other news, and this pretty darn late…

I’m seriously into Flashpoint.  This is a Canadian SWAT show and it’s seriously hard core.  I was crying after several episodes.  I’m just over halfway through season two on Netflix.  Yes, these are bad ass cops, but it’s real.  None of this ‘shoot the bad guy and go have a beer and chill’.  There is some emotional trauma for shooting someone and this show is deep.  It’s also very good at showing that not everything is so cut and dried.  I mean, really, if you got a call that your 8-year-old daughter’s heart transplant was ready and then they told you ‘no, that was a mistake, it’s going to some old guy’, wouldn’t you come totally unglued?

I may have mentioned this one last time, but Community is, without a doubt the best television show running right now.  It really brings back shades of MASH, where nothing was too outlandish and no topic safe from comedy.  Yet, like MASH, there really is some drama.

The shows claim to fame is being so meta, that it makes fun of itself for being meta.

Of course, I am, with a patience that I can’t even explain, waiting for the return of Castle.  Huge fan of the show and if Kate dies, I’m going to turn off my TV and never watch anything again.

In other things, Microsoft has finally come out with a decent Kinect game.  Kinect Joy Ride is a silly, campy race game, where you are the driver.  I mean that literally, no joystick, no controller, no steering wheel.  You hold your hands out like you’re gripping a steering wheel and race.  Shift your hips to side to draft through the corners.  Push forward for a turbo boost.  And reach out like your flipping a switch to activate your specials.

It’s a game my 4-year-old can play and he has a ball.  Plus it tires him out.

Well, that’s the media update.  Let me know if you have any favorite shows ,music, or x-box games that I should try.  (No drama, No Country and/or Western, and No Dress up Barbie games.)

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One Response to What I’m Watching and Listening To – take 2

  1. Dave Wisker says:

    Music: Arcade Fire (an indie band with a solid sense of the epic, and incredible live), Dead Can Dance (a percussive stew of Medieval, Renaissance, Asian and Middle Eastern influences), Guitarist/Songwriter Richard Thompson (seminal member of the British Folk Rock movement in the 60’s, and still going strong today– a fabulously entertaining live act).

    Show: only one recommendation: Glee (quirky, often very funny, and gloriously musical)

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