General Commentary from the Ogre

Well, there are a lot of things happening recently that I want to share, but they are not such major deals that require a separate blog for each of them.  This is a get it off my chest pile of general information.

First, I’m not a huge fan of abortion.  On the other hand, I understand what life is like for unwanted children and there aren’t that many people who need to adopt.  Plus there are some significant reasons for it.  All that being said, I the government, especially the religious nutcases that pretend they are a functioning government here in Texas, have absolutely no business getting involved.  That’s a decision for the doctor, the parents, and anyone the parents choose to ask.  I’m confident that Rick Perry will be among the last of the people asked.

Mike the Mad Biologist reports this (with an… ummm… interesting title).  The Texas house has approved this law that would require all women getting an abortion to have  internal sonograms and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus.  The democrat senate will probably not pass it forward, but it’s still disgusting.  I could go further, but I’m not.  Obviously (or perhaps not), I’ve never had to deal directly with this, so I’m not in a position to do more than offer my opinions.  And that’s simple:

Government shouldn’t get involved.  Be sure to contact your legislature, whatever your thoughts on the matter.


And in other news: The US Army is violently pro-Christian and anti-choice.  A shocking violation of the oath of service that all service men and women must take.

Long story short: The US Army has a “Spiritual Fitness” requirement for soldiers.  The CO of Fort Bragg spent $50,000+ in direct money and allowed on duty soldiers to work towards a Judeo-Christian event with the express purpose of converting soldiers and families to Christianity.

Shockingly, a home-grown atheist event was shot down by that same CO.  He refused to pay less than $45,000.  He refused to allow the event to occur in the same arena.  He refused to allow soldiers to work for this while on-duty.  He refused to allow Fort Bragg to be associated with it in any way (in spite of allowing the Christian event to use Fort Bragg letterhead).  He also refused to listen to his legal officers who suggested that he should allow the event.

Constitution of the United States of America… throw it out.  It’s totally useless right now.  That CO is also rejecting part of the military code, the part that says a superior officer cannot unduly influence those under his command.

The link has many blog posts about this event and some addresses to write and express your displeasure at this flagrant violation of US Law.


Finally, a note about anonymity on the internet.

Many of you know me as OgreMkV.  I have a presence on facebook, but that’s for my friends.  I’m not a friend whore, I keep my facebook friends list at less than 100 people at all times.

Most of my internet posting is under OgreMkV.  That’s the way I want it.  For a time, I was a teacher.  While a public school teacher (in spite of what Republicans want) have a right to express their opinion, it’s problematic at best.

For myself, there are also family considerations.

It’s not that I’m a different person here than I am in person.  It’s that I prefer to be considered for my ideas and my commentary rather than who I am.

My name doesn’t matter.  My actions don’t matter (while not lily-white, I think I’m pretty good, but that’s beside the point).  What matters is the quality of evidence I present to support my position.  In the information age, I really think that is all that matters.

Consider, someone like Bill O’Reilly.  He has made a name for himself recently as, well, a moron.  It wouldn’t matter if he posted on the internet as BillO, homeskillet, or catlover843, he would still be a moron.  If you are going to judge people, then look at their evidence, look at their arguments.

Science, politics, religion (or lack thereof) cannot be settled by who has the biggest dick or the most money or the biggest mouth or the most guns.  The only thing that matters is quality of work.

This is from Wesley Elsberry and sums up my thoughts nicely:

For people who argue, “You should believe as I do,” it seems to me that others will not only evaluate the merits (or failings) of their arguments, but also whether the example they set is the sort of person one wants to become. Perennially rude, angry, and evasive doesn’t seem like a winning outcome for a set of beliefs.

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