Comments on the Anti-Science Movement in the United States

I really appreciate the Sensuous Curmudgeon.  His blog is strictly an informational blog on the controversy between science and religion.  There is no debate.  That’s not what his mission is.  It’s merely to stay informed and the blog is a great resource to see what the anti-science crowd is up to.

He regularly posts about anti-science bills (now mostly thinly disguised as ‘critical thinking’ bills).  I’ve talked about these before briefly.  I’ll note that the latest attempt from Florida also includes statements about the history and context of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

When will these people realize that they lost? 

Everyone who isn’t living in fantasy land can see that Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian.  This country was not founded on Christian principles.  It was founded on freedom, especially of and from religion.   

How come they never critically analyze loop quantum gravity or something else that’s actually controversial?

No one stands up and says “under certain conditions Newton is flat-out wrong, we MUST teach our kids general relativity for them to be educated”

It just shows the religious motivation for their work.  These religious people are really starting to get annoying.

We have real problems in this country and making people stupid isn’t helping.

President Obama has an interesting program going on at the White House.  It’s called, advise the advisor.  It gives us the chance to comment directly to the White House staff about our concerns.  This weeks question is on education.  I encourage you to get involved.

I conclude today with the thoughts that brought me to write this article in the first place.  What do we do?

In evolution, a population of organisms has several choices when faced with massive changes to the environment.  The population evolves, it moves, or it dies.  (Remember evolution does not affect individuals, just populations.)

We are the unique (in terms of evolution) position of being able to choose which option we will use. 

Pro-science/pro-reality people can evolve.  We can turn the fight around.  We must attack… politely and with reason.  Even if we don’t win, we can show that the legislatures are not interested in reason and truth, they are only doing it to support their own religious bias (which, in turn, means we win).

We must stand up, everyone must write every legislature every time one of these stupid bills appears.  We must write to state school boards, we must write to education committees, we must write governors and senators and representatives and we must do so constantly.  [If anyone has a good form letter, I’d be willing to post it.]  We must show them that the people of the US do not approve of flagrant violations of the US Constitution and that science and science education is the reason we have such a high standard of living. 

The other choices are less palatable.  I have chosen the place that I will move my family to (if they will have us).  When the US sinks into religious fundamentalism (BTW: Have you seen this clown that’s trying to bring back the Joe McCarthy era? So much for a free country.) 

I have no intention of dying, I have a family to support.  While I rate it as a very low probability, I can see the US becoming a scientific wasteland of users and consumers who don’t understand even the basic principles of their tech (oh wait, we’re there already).  We lose scientists and teachers and we lose innovation and even the ability to think critically.  Then the citizens of the US become a slightly larger version of bees.  Just do your job, watch TV after work, and don’t ask questions (oh wait, we’re there too… sigh.)

Again, I don’t see it that likely.  What I think will happen is that Democrats all over the US will remind voters next year that the Republicans are in it for power, money, and control… not citizens.  While I don’t agree with some of what Democrats stand for, I will do anything to keep Republicans out of office.

And if that doesn’t work… there’s always Czechoslovakia.

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5 Responses to Comments on the Anti-Science Movement in the United States

  1. ogremkv says:

    Oy, see what happens when you don’t do your research? I didn’t realize that there is no Czechoslovakia anymore. It’s the Czech Republic and the two are NOT the same thing.

    I apologize to any Czechs I might have offended (and yes, I sort of know one).

  2. stevenz says:

    Actually, it became two nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But don’t worry, everyone knew what you meant. (Is that where you’re going?)

  3. ogremkv says:


    OK, I give up.

    No, I’m not going there. That’s my go to hell plan though. I can respect the country and it seems like, as a country, it fits me better than the US does recently.

    Of course, I have to learn Czech. That’s the bad part.

  4. Jacob says:

    You said that the Sensuous Curmudgeon is strictly an informational blog on the controversy between science and religion.

    If you open this link the first sentence you read says and I quote, “We cannot deny that an embarrassingly large percentage of Americans are creationists.”

    If he is avoiding the debate why does he say it is embarrassing? The truth is you read his blog because he agrees with you and uses words that belittle those he does not agree with.

    Neither you nor he is honest about this debate. You are not honest, because you cant be honest about the fact that this person does pick sides on the debate. If you where an honest and reasonable person who was open to science and facts at least you would have to be honest that the author of the article on the blog you linked has a side on this debate just as you do.

    Sadly you are to blind to even see that you are creating a self fulfilling loop.

    Good luck and good day mate.

  5. ogremkv says:

    SC’s blog does not participate in the controversy. His is a blog about attempts to undermine real science and the people who do so.

    There is no ‘debate’. Evolution works, design and creationism do not. There are products, processes and profit using evolutionary principles. There are no products, processes, profit, or anything else using the principles of creationism (or the intelligent design movement).

    He doesn’t say things I want to hear and it might interest you to know that he’s a conservative Christian.

    If you have an actual point, then feel free to bring it up.

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