Republicans Hate You Too

To me, the Republicans have absolutely lost their minds.  They got a bit of a majority and ramming home bill after bill in state and federal governments that do nothing but harm America and the Planet.

But, some have suggested that they are not complete and utter idiots.  Some suggest that the republicans are merely following capitalistic practices.  You see, we citizens vote to elect people.  How do we know whom to elect?

Some of us research the candidates and their voting history, etc.  Some look at political ads.  Where do the politicians get money for the ads?  It’s not us citizens.  There is no way that political contributions by ordinary citizens can support a major campaign (or even a minor one in a limited region).  The money comes from special interests.

Who has the most money.  Oil companies.  They are raking in 11 billion dollars in profit every three months and still get government handouts. OK, that rant is over, let’s talk about how the Republicans Hate You.

Oh let me count the ways.

1) Introduction of a Bill that effectively guts the Environmental Protection Agency. Basically, this bill declares that greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals released from refineries and fossil fuel power plants are not pollutants.  Of course they ignore all the other problems that will still exist and the fact that oil companies would still be making a profit, even without government subsidies.

Of course, all us silly scientists worrying about pollution, mitigation, and alternative energy forgot that the Republicans could just declare those compounds to not be pollutants.  Damn, I wish I’d thought of that.

Why do I feel like Wile Coyote right now?  While I get sucked into the abyss, the republican road-runner who never studied science is standing in thin air with a sign that says “I never studied law”.

(Here’s a video of a Democrat standing up them.  I can’t post videos, so here’s the link to another blog:

2) Unions

I hope you have been keeping up with Scott Walker’s lies.  How it’s not about the unions and how he’s trying to talk to the democrats.  Then, in a little less than 3 hours, he takes the anti-union parts out of the budget bill, has them voted on (passing), and then signs it into law.

But it’s not about anti-union, it’s about the budget.  Liar.

Don’t forget the other states that are pushing anti-union laws.  Ohio, Indiana and Texas and some other states have similar systems in effect if not in direct statement.

Why?  Because the Republicans have the money and they are trying to prevent any money from going to the Democrats in 2012.  The goal is, of course, to retain control and increase their share of the government control.

3) Religion

The Constitution of the United States of America has the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment.  No government agent or agency can promote one religion over another.  Yet that is happening constantly.

Take a look at the “Rock the Fort” controversy and how much tax dollars were spent directly promoting (with Fort Bragg letterhead) the conversion of as many soldiers and families as possible to their particular brand of religion.  And the subsequent lies told to a non-religious event of the same kind.

Throw the Constitution out… the republicans ignore it anyway.

Remember all this in 18 months.

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One Response to Republicans Hate You Too

  1. chuck says:

    Republicans are just being Republicans. The truly disheartening thing is the extent to which ordinary, non-rich, folks have been sucked into voting for them ever since they were duped by Reagan. If people continue to vote against their own best interests wherein does the hope lie for reversing our trend toward oligarchy? As wealth becomes more concentrated in the hands of a few and the media become ever more dominated by the corporations how can Democracy survive? If corporations are people, and unlimited campaign donations are free speech, only a well informed populace voting intelligently can resist the trend toward a government “of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich”. Will we wise up or will we lose our Republic?

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