An Open Letter to Rick Perry


Texas has languished under your governorship for a long time.  In the past 11 years that you have been governor, Texas has become the laughing-stock of the nation.  We have the worst teen pregnancy rate in the US (compelling evidence that abstinence only sex ed doesn’t work), we are among the lowest in education (and considering that we have NASA, The University of Texas System and the Texas A&M system, that’s a pretty stunning achievement), and we have some of the biggest problems in history in the last decade.

Now, I’m not going to blame you for Hurricanes Rita, Ike, and Gustav.  I’m not going to blame you for the massive drought that is occurring.  I’m not going to blame you for the massive fires that are hitting your capital city, while other areas of the nation are flooded.

No, I have two complaints.

The first is that you are ignoring the objective reality of the world in favor of your own little world of fantasy.

I think it should be painfully obvious that your very public prayer scheme didn’t work.  Not just a little, but in a major way.  Not only have we had the worst drought (since the 1800s by one report), but now we are having massive wildfires… near you capital.

All of the things you have tried to accomplish in Texas have utterly failed.  However, you have succeeded in totally disconnecting Texas from the rest of the country.  We have our own electrical distribution system… which failed miserably this summer and this last winter, resulting in blackouts and brownouts.

We have our own education system now, which is not a part of the national system.  You and your nominees to the State Board of Education have politely refused millions of dollars in federal education money with Race to the Top.  In effect, you have made it so the few tax dollars that Texas residents contribute toward federal education go to other states and not the one we actually live in.

Your other major policies have been nearly as disastrous and arguable as motivated by your greed and owning favors to your campaign contributors as to any actual benefit that your policies would result in.

You are also epically ignorant of government practices and what’s actually going on in your state.  Texas, in spite of your best efforts, does not teach creationism.  And you, sir, if elected to the office of the President of the United States, cannot unilaterally nullify laws passed by previous congresses and signed into law by the previous president.

The mere fact that you proposed such a thing and appear to have gotten away with it  just shows the abominable ignorance of Texans with regard to government (another legacy of you and Barton’s assault on Texas education).

The second is you are trying so hard to become a great leader that you aren’t being a great leader.

Being elected to office doesn’t make you a leader, it makes you a politician.  Being promoted to CEO doesn’t make you a leader. Being in the military doesn’t make you a leader.

To be a leader, one must lead.  One must take decisive action based on the best available knowledge of the time.  It has been shown over the last 11 years that you, Mr. Perry, are not interested in being a leader.  You are interested in promoting yourself, your ideas, and the ideas of those who bought and paid for you.

I really wish you would stop embarrassing yourself and the Great State of Texas with your utter idiocy and incompetence.  It’s time to hang it up.  Go gracefully into your retirement and the lavish lifestyle that the majority of your constituents will never enjoy, because they are too busy working (or not working as the case may be).

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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Rick Perry

  1. nmgirl says:

    Thanks Ogre, I just wish I thought he was smart enough to listen. I graduated 5 years after perry and his grades would have gotten me thrown out of A&M. Of course I wasn’t a yell leader. I don’t have the right equipment so to speak.

  2. kate d says:

    -“just shows the abominable ignorance of Texans with regard to government”
    Don’t mess with Texas. We’re actually a big blue state that happens to be inside of an even bigger red state. lol

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