The Keep

Are you a gamer?  Do you have more than a couple of games?  Do you ever take your games somewhere else to play?

If you answer those as ‘yes’, then you need a Keep.  Personally, I want two.

First, let’s discuss the alternatives.  The box the game came in is OK, but it’s not that tough, it’s not waterproof, and it’s either much larger than you need or not big enough for the game and any expansions.

You can through a couple of games in a duffel bag if you aren’t too concerned about damaging them or rooting around for that one piece at the bottom of the bag.  Plastic bags can only survive so long before tearing.  If you lose that one piece, the game may not be playable.

Collectible card games and deck-building games are a totally different story.  You can put the cards in cardboard boxes (again, not waterproof or animal proof).  You can put them in a binder… unless you actually want to play with them.  Or you can have a big pile of small plastic boxes to hold decks.  The boxes may be too big, not big enough, or not fit sleeved cards.

OK, so what’s the solution?  The Keep.

The outside is going to be a hard plastic shell that is seal-able against the elements.  Inside is several bays that can hold two varieties of case.

You can have 2 Great Chambers which are big enough for standard game boards, rule books, etc.  According to the manufacturer, there will be some kind of accordion sleeve to keep the boards and books from flopping about.

In place of 1 Great Chamber, you can place 5 Magic Chambers (or 10 Magic Chambers in place of 2 Great Chambers).  These are designed specifically to fit sleeved cards and come with a lot of dividers.  But they also come with Bit Pits where you can store dice, play pieces, chips and any other small bits that might be used in a game.

Grumpy Owl Gamery has said that future versions might incorporate miniatures and a larger version might be created to handle over-sized games (like Steve Jackson’s new Ogre set).

I want one of these… of course, I’m something of a sucker for storage solutions.  But let’s look at what I THINK can fit in one of these Keeps.

I have about 10 old Magic decks that I like to break out and shock the new players with.  Each Magic Chamber holds 600 sleeved cards (or 800 unsleeved).  That’s pretty much my entire Magic collection right now… in one Magic Chamber, at a minimum we have four more to fill up.  An option is the card game version which has 10 Magic Chambers for a total of 6,000 sleeved cards!

OK, one of the most popular games around is Settlers of Catan.  Since the game board is a bunch of hex shaped pieces, I bet that the entire game could fit into one Magic Chamber.  Take the bit Pits from the MC with the cards and you can store the entire game in it.

Ascension is another card game, but a deck building game rather than a collectible card game.  You can put all the cards for at least two versions of the game and expansions in one Magic Chamber (probably) and still have room for the Bit Pits to store the honor.  If you need the game board, then it goes in the Great Chamber.

OK, that’s three super popular games and we still have two Magic Chambers and most of the Great Chamber left.

Role Playing?  I’ll drop a few rule books in the Great Chamber.  Car Wars? Counters in the Bit Pits and the rest in the Great Chamber.  Battle Tech?  Everything in the Great Chamber.

According to Grumpy Owl, the Great Chamber can store up to 10 standard bi-fold game boards.  Heck, I can throw in Candyland for the boy… though he’s getting started on Car Wars pretty early.

Even after all that, there’s still some room left.  Throw in Zombie Dice

I personally, have already signed up for one of the 1st 5,000 Keeps.  Hopefully, I can do a full review when it comes in.  The team at Grumpy Owl thinks that they can have it all together by Christmas… if they get funding.

Yes, the Keep is expensive, but how much are these games costing?  Ogre, Battletech, Catan, Magic cards, etc and I’m approaching almost a $1000 worth of games.  You can keep them in a cardboard box or protect them so your kids can play them.

If you like games, then get a Keep.  If you can contribute at all to make this work, then please help.

BTW: I am not affiliated with the Keep or Grumpy Owl Gamery, except that I am a kickstarter supporter and think this is pretty danged cool!

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2 Responses to The Keep

  1. You play Battletech too? Something else we have in common. 🙂

    I understand the difficulties of transporting games – I put a lot of effort into making my own custom miniatures carrier. Too bad the project didn’t make it.

  2. OgreMkV says:

    It’s going to restart October 1st with a much lower goal and a more modular system. My understanding is that you can buy the Magic Chambers individually and there will be a soft-sided backpack that can store them.

    The backpack won’t have a hard case, but it will be able to transport larger maps (like the upcoming Ogre maps). There will be a future upgrade to the hard case and a future upgrade to a rolling case with miniature support.

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