What Should the Democrats Do Now?

I’ve said this before.  November is either the end of our decent American society or the beginning of a long battle to reclaim it.  If Romney wins, then the citizens of this country are screwed.  Anyone who doesn’t know this isn’t paying attention and really has no business voting.  Why vote when you don’t care about anything going on in the election… or the country.

If Obama wins, then we have another 4 years of mediocre leadership.  Maybe Obama will step up his game (since he has nothing to lose at that point) much like he did the last few months.  But, and I can say this confidently, in many ways, he’s looking out for us.  Yes, he’s ignoring a lot of major issues and even approving major violations of our civil rights.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like many of his policies.  But at least he’s trying.

Unless the planet explodes or something equally disastrous happens, Obama will be reelected in November.  Romney has some problems, not the least of which is even his own party can’t get fired up about him.

The real question is, what happens 3.5 years from now?The Democrats (and us) really need to be thinking hard about the future of our country and who we’re going to have to lead us into the next 4 or 8 year battle.

We’ve seen (very recently) how the GOP handles presidential candidate bids.  Suffice it to say that the simple fact that any of those clowns were considered to be capable of being the president of these United States just shows how far down we have yet to go.

But will the Democrats, in 4 years time, be any better?  Can they manage to overcome that base desire for power, fame, and fortune, and really start developing and pushing an ideal candidate BEFORE the next election cycle even begins.

Four years ago, everyone expected Hillary Clinton to be the Democrat candidate.  Almost no one outside of a small-ish group had ever heard of Barack Obama.  Yet he took the lead and won the nomination.  It wasn’t a totally ‘clean’ campaign.

How will it be for the Dems in 4-years?  Will it look more like the last one or more like the GOP process?

In my opinion, the thing that the Democrats must do is get a good, high quality candidate out very early.  Get him noticed by the entire country.  Make sure that everyone is both comfortable and excited by him and his ideas.  Then, the Democrat candidate election is free of trouble and incident, totally unlike this last Republican candidate election.

Instead of a big mess that the Democrat candidate has to (somehow) extract himself from, he’s got a good, clean slate and preemptive ground swell of support.

The only chance we have of surviving as anything close to the country we are now, is for the Democrats to win in 2016 as well as 2012.  Which, historically, is nearly impossible.  Everyone is ready for a change after 8 years.  But we can’t accept a change like the GOP would produce.



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