Obamacare and Conservative Cognitive Dissonance

One thing that conservatives have been bitching about for decades is the unfairness of our society.  Why should the people with jobs have to pay for people to not have jobs (welfare).  Why should the people who are citizens of the US pay for the incarceration of non-citizens.  Why should people with medical benefits pay for people without medical benefits to get health care.

Well, the liberals have solved this issue and the conservatives are still bitching about it.  Let me say this very plainly…

Under Obamacare EVERYONE pays for medical benefits.  Either you pay for insurance through an employer or private plan.  You pay (via taxes) for medicare or a government sponsored plan.  Or you choose not to pick up medical insurance and you pay a fine (Roberts calls it a tax, whatever).

Everyone will be getting medical help if they need it.  Of course, those people who choose not to have health insurance and are paying the massive $95 per year because of it will still be getting a great deal.  But they will be paying something.

The conservatives should be jumping for joy.  Obama did the one thing that you guys have never been able to do and always bitched about… but you can’t stand the thought that a liberal did your work for you.  So now you bitch about that too.

It’s truly amazing how much cognitive dissonance there is, in the conservative mind.

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3 Responses to Obamacare and Conservative Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Janet Mac Nair says:

    Very well put. Thank you.

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