They’re Winning and We’re Losing

It doesn’t matter who the “they” is in this case.  What matters it the “we” that are losing.

We are scientists.  We are believers in equality.  We believe that humans can make their own future, without being led.  We believe that rational discussion is better than beating the shit out of people who disagree with us.  We know that every single good thing in our world has come via knowledge, research, and the innate goodness of people.  We think that we can save the world.  We can save the world… if they will let us.

I could give thousands of examples of the ‘they’.  They range from Christians who would rather rape and kill us than talk to us to rabid science deniers, who are mostly out to make money by discrediting the only thing that makes sense in our world.

They are winning.

The fighters are beginning to succumb.  Threats are telling women that they are not welcome in discussions that involve them.  Women can’t speak about their own body parts, when they are threatened with losing control of them.

Children die because of their parent’s godOther children are threatened with rape and murder because they dare to speak out in support of the law.  Some of the best people I know aren’t able to get married because they want to marry someone of their own gender.  While priests get to rape little boys and are protected by their church.

Atheists are the single least trusted group in our society.  Yet the religious can lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, etc and as long as they say ‘sorry’, it’s OK.  Yet atheists can’t even speak up with the voices of thousands of Christians threatening them.

It’s truly disgusting.

I’m tired of the politics.  I’m tired of the hatred.  I’m tired of dealing with all this shit.  I have enough crap to deal with in my own life.

Which is one reason they are winning.  Many of us are fighting multiple battles all at once.  I for one am getting tired.

For example, I have a friend who is a big believer in organic food and anti-genetically engineered food.  I point this friend to study after study that finds no difference between convention, GM, and organic food.  I sow study after study that GM crops use less pesticide and organic more, and more toxic, pesticide.  My friend’s mind has been made up though and nothing is going to change it.

I have another friend who think that God designed us.  There is nothing that will change this friend’s mind.  This friend is in complete denial of science, even while, hypocritically, using the tools given by science.

Our government is bought and paid for.  The Supreme Court and Citizen’s United has seen to that.  I mean, spending over 10 million dollars on a re-election campaign… when any thinking person can see that they should be voted out.

I can’t stand it anymore.

Of course, part of this is stress from work.  I’m tired and can’t even think anymore.

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3 Responses to They’re Winning and We’re Losing

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  2. Eugen says:

    “Of course, part of this is stress from work. I’m tired and can’t even think anymore.”

    Hi Ogre
    Sounds like symptoms of midlife crisis. Don’t blame theists ,we are in the same shoes.

  3. Melody says:

    Please understand that I am not commenting just to argue

    We are Christians. We are believers in God. We believe that humans need God, but He gives us the freedom to choose. We believe that He loves us unconditionally and will never leave us. We believe that He created each and every one of us individually, He knew us before we were even born. We believe in loving our enemies and those who disagree with us. We know that everything good in this world is a gift from God. We believe that Jesus saved us from an eternity in hell, if we only accept and believe in him.
    The priest that did those horrible things to those children not a true Christian, he is an evil person who faked his salvation, and hid behind the church using Christianity as an excuse, when The Bible does not condone such things, it speaks against them
    as for the threats against homosexuals/atheists/etc. True Christians believe in loving those who disagree with us or do not follow our principles. we should not alienate or treat them badly, but show them the same love that God showed us. I myself have gay and Atheist friends, they know I do not support gay rights or atheism, but we remain friends, and I share the Gospel with them on occasion, but I don’t do it just to prove them wrong. I do it because I love them, and I want them to know the truth and believe it so they can be saved.

    My point is, there is a difference between those who claim to be Christians: those who do not truly follow God, they use him as protection or an excuse to do things that they know are wrong. Or they try, but get so caught up in proving others wrong or making sure everyone knows that God does not condone homosexuality, they forget one of His greatest commandments, Love others. As well as the fact that he loves everyone, even if they do not follow his principles.
    And True Christians: followers of God that would never think of doing the things you mentioned. and truly love Him, as well as others. Don’t get me wrong, we make mistakes, we’re not perfect, no one is. That’s why Jesus died for us

    so when using the term “Christians”, remember the difference

    Thank You

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