New Site “Hit” Protocol

I think the internet needs a new way to judge site or page hits.

The current method of cataloging each unique visitor or each page draw just isn’t sufficient as it gives false information.  What kind of false information?

Well, how many sites have been posted to you facebook page with a “This is sooo stupid.” comment.  Of course, you have to go look and see just how stupid it is.  But if it goes viral, the owner of the site, post, or page doesn’t realize it’s because everyone on Earth thinks he’s a moron.  He probably thinks he said something profound.

So, I would like IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Dolphin, etc. to set an option for reporting visits.  Basically a switch that tells the website that this is a viral visit because the owner is a moron and you are just reading it for the lulz.

Site Visits:

Unique visitors: 18,412

Visitors thinking that this site was moronic: 18,410

Visitors without modern browsers: 2

For an example site, google “Time Cube”

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