Two minds about Deportation

This is becoming (and could easily become THE) focal point of this election.  Republicans want to build a fence and shoot illegal immigrants.  Obama is deporting the heck out of them.

I am of two minds about this.

One the one hand, we are a country founded on immigrants (legal and non).  Most of them are good people who are just trying for a better life.  The chances that they take to come here are staggering and I doubt any American citizen would have the courage in similar situations.

On the other hand, not only are good people coming in, but a lot of very bad people are coming in.  Drug-runner, gun-runners, gangs, cartels, etc.  These people are nearly psychopathic and getting rid of them should be a major focus… just for the safety of the American people.

I would encourage people to research what is going on just south of the border; mass beheadings, kidnappings and ransom, gang warfare with fully automatic weapons and grenades are a way of life within a mile or two of US soil and it’s coming here.

Either way, this government or the next will piss people off.

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