Not Totally MIA

Just a quick update:

I’ve been insanely busy.  I have been catching up with my two week mostly vacation.  I’ve had most of a week’s travel to contend with (and associated minor bout of food poisoning).  I’m working on a personal project.

But do not despair. I have a pretty exciting and interesting post coming up.  A new product has been shown at CES and I’m going to get all the details and give you an introduction.  If it’s as cool as I think it is, then it will be very exciting.

However, the skeptic in me is really wondering if this product is all surface and no substance.  We shall see… I’ve got a fair number of technical reports to read.

Stay tuned.


Oh, the personal project.  I’ve always been big into gaming.  There is almost no one else who is around me though.  So, I’m taking what is effectively a gaming engine and developing my own game out of it.

The engine is based on the old Axis & Allies game.  It’s called TripleA.  Take a look and maybe, soonish, I’ll have my game up there.

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